Digital transformation in healthcare is the positive impact of technology: Harshit Jain

Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO of Doceree, talks about the importance of communication in the healthcare sector and how digitisation & technological disruptions have brought about changes to the sector

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Harshit Jain

The communication industry is going through a transition phase. Industries from across the spectrum are making a dashing shift from traditional marketing/advertising to digital marketing/advertising including healthcare industry ranging from Pharma to Health Care Practitioners.

Digitisation seems to have triggered a digital wave, which is steering forward to envelop almost every existing space whether industrial or virtual. Although, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are a little behind in terms of implementing digital strategies compared to other industries, yet the latest figures show a substantial boost towards digitisation. Understandably, digital transformation in healthcare is the positive impact of technology. Telemedicine, AI-enabled medical devices, blockchain, and electronic health records are some of the prevalent digital transformations in healthcare.

Harshit Jain, Founder & CEO at Doceree is trying to address the problem of the rising cost of healthcare by bringing in efficiency & effectiveness in healthcare marketing by using data and creativity. He shared his thoughts on the importance of communication in the healthcare sector and how digitisation and technological disruptions have brought a change in the healthcare sector.

Speaking about how Doceree is trying to address the problem of the rising cost of Healthcare? Jain said, "By and large, marketing makes the largest cut in terms of cost in every industry, so happens with the healthcare, and within healthcare, especially with Pharmaceutical Marketing. Global pharmaceutical barons spend more budgets on marketing than on any other segment including R&D. However, Doceree is trying to bring in efficiency & effectiveness in pharmaceutical marketing using Ad-tech, which will be instrumental in saving the marketing costs, thereby cutting down on the prevailing rising cost of healthcare”.

Talking about the digital transformation in the industry, he remarked said, "The current statistics show that more than 90% of the pharmaceutical spends are still on traditional advertising, not just in India but all over the world, while consumer brands spent 50% of their total advertising budgets on digital in 2018. We are trying to create a digital ecosystem for pharmaceutical marketing at its best”.

According to the CEO, communication has importance irrespective of the industry you are working in. “Communication is equally important for healthcare like other sectors. Actually, communication is a connecting thread of all the dots that make the healthcare sector function. Without communication, healthcare can’t function. Its importance is immense as far as the proper functioning of healthcare is concerned”.  The fact that healthcare has been a much-neglected sector when it comes to communications. How will this platform leverage the sector? Jain explained,” If you compare with other sectors, you will find that the healthcare sector has been very traditional the way it markets or reaches out to its major stakeholders – physicians. It hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, while consumer marketing has become data-driven and highly predictive.”

He further added, "To fill this massive gap, Doceree has come up with first Ad Exchange, exclusively for programmatic advertising to Physicians. This way the healthcare brand would be able to precision target physicians based on specialization, demographics, geography and multiple other behaviour parameters. This does not only helps a brand but also help a physician in receiving the receiving relevant content. Doceree is bringing precision marketing to the world of physician marketing”.

Jain then told us about technological disruptions in the healthcare industry and how digitisation has been implemented in the sector, saying, “Most of the tech disruptions that we see in the healthcare industry have happened for patients ranging from the way they are diagnosed to the way they are treated. You see these disruptions even in preventive health. Now, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the workflow of hospitals has become smooth and efficient. “

“Interestingly, AI helps avoid misdiagnosis, putting the physicians at the helm of facilitation and accuracy. Digital platforms, diagnostic devices, and augmented reality surgeries are some of the examples of digitisation, making its massive foray and creating its potential space. Consumer marketing has become highly personalised with data all around us. But the same is not happening for the physician’s marketing, which is very much required. Hopefully, we will be able to contribute our bit to the digitization of Physician marketing through Doceree”, concluded Doceree founder.

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