‘Customers are evolving & want to listen to stories that hold values’

At e4m PR 30 under 30, Dr Samir Kapur, Director, AdFactors PR, delivered a keynote address on PR agencies experimenting with metaverse, engaging with new-age consumers and much more

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Published: Jul 4, 2022 10:50 AM  | 3 min read
PR 30under30

The e4m PR 30 under 30 virtual event saw a keynote address by Dr Samir Kapur, Director, AdFactors PR. He spoke in-depth about the evolving Public Relations industry and how future talents are being trained to adapt to the changes in the tech and world of influencers.

Dr Kapur also spoke about how brands are consistently trying to engage with new-age consumers through PR professionals and about the need to send the right message at the right time and place.

Explaining the importance of delivering crisp and relatable messages to the audience, Dr. Kapur said, “The world of Public Relations is in the cusp of a huge transformation due to digital. Currently, we are catering to an evolved set of audiences, customers and stakeholders who are not willing to digest what was given to them during the past decade. They don’t want to hear the fluff, but listen to the stories that hold values and something which matters to them. The brands should figure out what is in it for them (new age audience) rather than just talk about their own message. The focus should be on sending the right message at the right place and right time.”

He further said, “Medium becomes very important and a brand should be able to engage with new generation- Alpha and should have gaming as a solution to a campaign or else the generation Alpha is not talking to you. There has been a mind-shift in consumers and companies have realized that they should actively engage to connect with the audience. Companies are connecting with the audience in a more genuine and humane manner.”

He also talked about how PR agencies are now experimenting with metaverse and new leaders are trying to bridge a gap by using technology. Dr. Kapur talked about how new talents not only from Metro cities but also from Tier II and other non-central locations are becoming a part of main stream industry due to digitization. He said, “Agencies and corp comm fraternity is trying to provide safe and open environment to spark conversations and discuss topics that are important. Flexibility is becoming a guiding norm around the future of workplaces.”

Training plays a crucial role in PR industry, Dr. Kapur said, “At AdFactors we have huge learning and development expenses that we put across every year to ensure that all our employees are trained in the future process so that new age or the new digital channels which are emerging will showcase endless possibilities. The new-age PR  professionals needs to be trained and understand how data works and how a story can be crafted and told to get more and more mileage for a client on these platforms.”

Talking about challenges faced by future leaders through a PR perspective, Dr. Kapur said, “Pandemic has totally transformed the Indian media landscape and the ecosystem is now also changing. Influencers and entire creator’s economy alongwith influencers’ relationship and management is becoming a core form of various PR agencies that is being used as the first mode of storytelling. We need to find a way to backup trust and warmth in the relationship. Digital platforms do have restrictions and one should have a hybrid model here as well. Future leaders should look both of them in their own right.”

He further said, “Figuring out which is the right medium, what works best is to have a sense in and find a right balance. We are catering to an audience which is always engaged and they are more responsive and they want a conversation rather than a monologue. One should make sure that the audience should not feel ignored and therefore having a dialogue is Public Relations.”

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