Ambient DOOH will be a key point of communication post lockdown: Industry experts

OOH industry experts share their views on ambient DOOH screens gaining prominence once the lockdown relaxes

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: May 25, 2020 9:21 AM
Ambient Advertising

As the lockdown regulations begin to slowly fade, staying indoors will still be the norm. This will give rise to ambient DOOH inventories due to the responsibility of spreading messages of social distancing and safety measure tips. These ambient DOOH screens at corporate parks and co-working spaces which will be operational will be a good way for brands to get visibility. An added leverage point is live updates on the COVID-19 virus from social media updates or the news. Plus data of consumers can be garnered which will allow the brand’s message to be more personalized. Adding to the perks the screens can be integrated with mobile phones to garner an effective impact.

e4m reached out to a few key OOH leaders to ask them how this space of ambient DOOH will rise as restrictions begin to ease out especially in Corporate Parks and Co-Working spaces.

Inventory OOH Industries can leverage from during this pandemic

As we are nearing the easing of lockdown and people will start moving albeit in small measures residential and workplace will be the key touchpoints for the time being remarks Dipankar Sanyal, CEO, Platinum Outdoor. He added, “Work from home will keep a lot of people in the residential premises across the time bands and the only other place would be the office work for a limited time period. So for the OOH standpoint, these become the key points of communication.”

Deepak Kumar, EVP Ambient, ROOH, Dentsu Aegis Network shares, “As the market continues to open and people start returning to work it’s important that we continue to be safe. The OOH industry-supports the battle against COVID and would continue to play an active part in the days to come. As offices open, DOOH screens at these locations will get activated as part of being a responsible media format these screens would display an advisory message. Being a dynamic media it will not only run advisory but also advertisers message. Messages like these are bound to create even greater stickiness and improve OTS. Brands could look at creating such messages and re-emphasize the softer part of the brand.”

Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group stated, “The OOH industry will look at all options to deliver the right quality and quantity of eyeballs to its clients. We strongly believe that road/street/traditional media will continue to be the strongest value generators for the business. Having said that, if the ambient space is made available in significant numbers and allow optimal branding options, we shall certainly look at the opportunity.”

OOH industry will gravitate to ambient inventory adding additional value through DOOH screens

Kumar believes that DOOH will alter the OOH landscape. “DOOH has now become an integral part of all OOH campaigns and in some cases, we have seen branding on more DOOH screens than OOH. Having said that the shift will be gradual as both media plays their part in overall brand communication goals. Effective use of screens at ambient location needs some serious look by the brand's creative team, some investment in this direction would help create better connections with consumers who are there with the intent to spend”, remarked Kumar.

Shrivastava says, “Going ahead, the OOH industry and its clients will look at the metrics of all its options. Optimal quantum and quality of inventory will be key in the industry taking up these options. We intend to deliver quality branding for our clients.”

Sanyal sharing his views on the possibilities of this medium says, “Digital OOH will be the go-to media but due to its low penetration right now it will not provide adequate reach. It will require a bit of investment on part of media owners to scale up and utilize this opportunity. However, the easier and relatively cost-effective static media will be created to give the reach a brand would look for. Activation with all safety measures in tow will be done more frequently given the fact that regular activation zones of airports, malls, etc will be out of bounds for some time.”

Mobile integration with Ambient DOOH screens

According to Kumar, “Proximity targeting handheld devices is a potent mix. Our interaction with brands has got us a positive response to the use of MSM. As consumers will continue to be wary of the environment, this combo can be used effectively to communicate with consumers. On ROOH we have created a module that is capable of implementing such campaigns and narrowcast messages in given geographies to deliver the right audiences. DOOH screens and the mobile combo will ensure that the consumers are within the brands reach to deliver the relevant communication at the right location.”

Talking about the benefits of the integration with mobile, Sanyal thinks that this has immense possibilities. “Safety and health will remain the key points hence brands will use it to communicate that aspect. Mobile will play an important role in online-offline integration be it e-commerce or automobiles or jewellery or real estate etc”, he explained.

Shrivastava concluded saying, “This is where the new ambient media options will be most creative. Hyperlocal, geo-tagged communication is a reality now with the top OOH companies, and LMG has delivered some interesting results in the conventional OOH space. This experience, along with our relationship with Telco brands and our digital arm, Digitalabs, will soon make converged communications a go-to solution for our clients. Thus digital communications delivered to the phones of people in a geo-fenced area will be reinforced by the communication that they will see on OOH and ambient media within the geo-tagged locations.”

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