NEONS OOH Conference 2020: How advertisers can aim to be eco-friendly: Dipen Mehta

Mehta, MD, Eco Signs on the 10th edition of the e4m NEONS OOH Conference & Awards will shed some light and dispel myths on what truly counts as "eco-friendly" in advertising

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Updated: Feb 21, 2020 1:42 PM


Dipen Mehta

Eco Signs calls themselves an advertising company that is “100% PVC free, 100% Recyclable Innovative Media.” True to their promise, Eco Signs are pioneers in eco-friendly advertising and are the first solvent compatible recyclable PE media in the world. Eco Signs aims to provide advertisers with a high-quality substrate that replaces PVC billboards, banners, standees, vehicle wraps, etc. Among their clients are eminent brands like Coca-Cola, UB Group, Vodafone and Himalaya to name a few.

This makes Ecosigns the perfect fit to share insights on the Panel Discussion for NEONS OOH Conference 2020 on Eco-friendly Advertising & HSW in OOH: Raising the Standards for Sustainability.

Dipen Mehta, MD, Eco Signs, sharing how important it is to be sustainable in the industry and the misconceptions about eco-friendly materials, stated: “People just call their inventories eco-friendly but eco-friendly means that it should be helpful to the ecosystem. Only if our water, air, and land are safe by using those materials, then it can be called eco-friendly. If the material is not recyclable and if it is only PVC free, it does not mean that it is. Once you dispose of those eco-friendly materials after advertising, it should get recycled. Recyclability should be a must for the material used.”

Commenting on the points he will be highlighting at the panel discussion, Mehta said that he wants to focus on the recyclability of the material for the advertising industry. “PVC flakes are harmful and hazardous for the people. In the name of eco-friendly, there are certain fabrics and coated PVC material that are available in the market. Still, people are getting misguided by these materials”, remarked Mehta.

Mehta added, “My intention is to tell the people and the industry that recyclability should be a must to say that the material is eco-friendly. If you are putting the waste in the seawater or on the landfill or if you are burning it, these systems of disposing are harmful to nature. So those materials should not be called eco-friendly because they are harming our ecosystem. Once this material changes to a recyclable materia, only then it can be called eco-friendly.”

Talking about the brands Eco Signs work with to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, Mehta commented: “Currently brands like Amul, Government of Kerala, Coca-Cola and Bisleri are already using this material. A lot of government authorities are coming forward to use it. The Government needs to make that compulsion that material used for publicity and advertising should be recyclable. Kerala government has also issued an order that replacement of PVC flex should be with recyclable PVC-free polyethene, uncoated cotton cloth and paper.”

At the conference, Mehta along with the other prominent panellists in the OOH Industry will share about how the advertising industry can be sustainable in nature.

The NEONS OOH Conference & Awards 2020 is all set to provide a platform for all OOH stakeholders to deliberate upon the new growth avenues and collaborate to make the industry bigger and reach the growth goals. The conference will be held on March 12th-13th, 2020 at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai which will be followed by an award ceremony where OOH industry leaders will be felicitated.

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