How QR code applications can help DOOH’s consumer insights tracking

DOOH experts share their views on the rising trend of QR codes and how they can help in conceptualizing personalized content for consumers

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Published: Feb 22, 2021 8:31 AM  | 4 min read
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2020 saw the rise and need for digital innovations. As safety measures were a priority, touchless modes of digital transactions paved the way for a better consumer experience. Both clients and OOH companies leveraged these tools to design programmatic technology that allows consumers to connect to the site or app of the brand’s page with the help of a QR code.

The flexibility and creativity of targeting have endless opportunities and as we have stepped into the recovery year of 2021 this will only develop further. With the help of QR code scanning at DOOH and OOH static boards with a barcode on the ad, the possibility of the performance and effectiveness of the campaign can be tracked. All this can be done in real-time.

Another advantage of the QR code integration on OOH displays is that it helps to drive mobile traffic mobility on the brand’s specific landing page (apps and website). As these apps/websites have a sign-in feature the consumer’s preferences can be tracked. This integration allows brands and DOOH companies with data to conceptualize personalized and engaging content for consumers.

Advertisers (Clients) are seeking to engage with their consumers through touchless techniques but are allowing consumers to have more dwell time on their app or website to increase dwell time and improve brand awareness.

e4m spoke to OOH experts to garner some key learnings on how QR codes can be optimized for the betterment of providing personalized and engaging campaign creatives.

Laqshya Media has been on the convergence path for a couple of years now. Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group sharing his learnings stated, "Engagement with the Target Group in a geo-fenced area has been a part of Laqshya’s campaigns for some time. Convergence was voted to be the most important development for the OOH industry at the World OOH Conference, Dubai, 2019. Since then, Laqshya has led the way for its clients. The process of engagement and audience metrics has led to the creation of SHARP – one of the most advanced metrics platforms in the world."

Laqshya’s Mobile OOH Campaign Integration Results:

Ramana Siddhartha, Head, LMX India sharing his perspective on the QR strategy remarked, “On digital content platforms such as YouTube, hyperlocal call to action campaigns by Retail advertisers (such as supermarket chains) and FMCG companies, with the option to purchase the products being advertised, are rising. This is enabled via authorized dealers and/or delivery platforms for last-mile fulfilment.”

Talking about his learnings on QR codes, Siddhartha shared, “At Moving Walls, we have endeavoured to equip DOOH to evolve into a more personalized, outcome focussed advertising medium. Our content management solution equips publishers with the ability to serve dynamic content based on audience, time of day, etc and digital screens which are in the proximity of retail points of purchase in airports, malls, pharmacies, etc are ideal for influencing the consumer at the right place and time. Therefore as people are starting to spend more time outdoors, DOOH campaigns with QR codes are an excellent way for OOH to evolve from a backdrop medium to an activation medium.”

On a concluding note, Gulab Patil, Founder, and CEO, Lemma added: “The inclusion of QR codes in ads both enhance engagement as well as DOOH Ad measurement. Including QR codes improves the CTA of a medium that strongly drives intent amongst consumers and prolongs the impact of DOOH ads on mobile devices. At Lemma, we encourage the inclusion of QR codes as more and more consumers are primed to utilize the same in the new normal. A recent campaign for insurance brands had a clear CTA where consumers can learn more about the brand by scanning the QR code. This campaign was enabled at airports in Mumbai and Delhi.”

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