A case for combining OOH with digital marketing for bigger & better brand recall

We look at two successful OOH campaigns of the recent times along with their integrated solution of social media creatives, which piqued curiosity in consumers

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Updated: Aug 11, 2020 12:07 PM
Social Media Integrated with OOH

An OOH campaign blended with an integrated social media campaign can translate into a bigger impact for brands. It gets the consumer involved as they become curious and play a part in spreading the word about the campaign. This type of brand solution has worked well for ZEE's OOH Campaign #13KiTayyari and helped garnered a lot of curiosity. Recently, the brand Cadbury did the same; before launching their new ad film, they got the consumers thinking when they removed their logo from social media pages, billboards, and direction signboards. This led to a buzz on social media. Both the campaigns managed to generate intrigue and stands as an example of a well-executed integrated campaign.

The pandemic is an opportunity to leverage digital as more people are confined in their homes. It is also an opportunity to capture the consumer’s attention for the limited period that they go out for a grocery run. The above mentioned OOH campaigns make use of both these brand solutions: a great OOH creative to inculcate interest whilst creating a buzz on social media for that particular campaign.

One such campaign was the #KahanGayiCadbury conceptualized to launch the new Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes by Mondelez India. The campaign started showing the chocolate wrapper without the logo on social media, asking a question to the spark curiosity amongst consumers: Where did Cadbury Go? (#KahanGayiCadbury). Along with consumers, even celebrities were asking "Where has Cadbury gone and how to bring it back?"

It piqued interest in consumers' minds and also developed brand recall as the consumer has already seen the creative on social media.

Cadbury's OOH Campaign:


Consumers Reaction on Social Media:

In the all was revealed when Cadbury came forward to claim that it knows the answer to the question: #KahanGayiCadbury? with the launch of Cadbury Chocobakes Choc Layered Cakes.

Just last month, ZEEL brought out the teaser campaign #13KiTayyari.This was conceptualized to announce ZEEL’s content comeback with an intriguing partnership with leading CPG brands. The OOH creative was executed by Laqshya Media Group and asked consumers to stock up for the 13th of July 2020 as they would serve as a perfect accompaniment to families watching all the shows resuming on ZEE. The campaign sparked curiosity and led to a positive sentiment that OOH will be back on track as it was the first major campaign after the lockdown. The OOH teaser campaign ran in Mumbai and Delhi with about 700 sites and ranked 2nd on Twitter.

The ZEEL campaign on OOH:

On Social Media before the launch:

On Social Media After the launch:

Both these campaigns will be etched in the minds of the consumers for a long time as they conceptualized a creative that incited an element of intrigue nationwide. The buzz created on-ground and on social media also reestablished the power of OOH in the minds of brands.

This shows that combining a mystery element on social media with a well-thought-out OOH campaign can lead to a bigger impact and better brand recall once the actual ad film and product or service is launched. It also demonstrates that investing in OOH even during the pandemic can yield rich dividends. OOH has scale and at most times, ensures the consumer's attention, which allows for the brand to imprint their messaging in their minds. As DOOH is on the rise and there are more possibilities to automate ads on social media by personalizing the content according to the consumer whilst they pass a DOOH billboard, these solutions will reap a better outcome for brands.

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