Kids genre drawing banks, auto, FMCG advertisers too: Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Viacom18

Jaipuria, Head – Hindi Mass Entertainment and Kids TV Network at Viacom18, talks about the launch of Nickelodeon's 8th IP 'Golmaal Jr', to be aired on Sonic from today, the NTO's effect and more

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Updated: May 13, 2019 8:35 AM
Nina Elavia Jaipuria

Nickelodeon, which recently launched its 8th IP ‘Golmaal Jr’ for Sonic, has seen a 14 per cent rise in the top line, says Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Head – Hindi Mass Entertainment and Kids TV Network at Viacom18. Speaking about the franchise’s growth in the last couple of years, Jaipuria said the franchise has set a target of achieving 200+ hours of content for FY 2019-20. 

“We are number one for the fifth year in a row. Nickelodeon led the pack with a fairly decent margin in 2018-19. From the market share perspective too, we are the leaders. We are not just the leader in terms of viewership but in revenue as well. That’s a good proposition for me this year because there were a lot of headwinds. The economy was a little slow to begin with and then of course we got hit by the NTO. Despite having a year like that, Nickelodeon had a 14 per cent rise in the top line. We have grown our EBITDA year on year. We are one of the most profitable businesses for Viacom 18. But more importantly, as we better our ROI, it helps us to put our investment back in the content. We are also one of the few players in the market whose revenue share is higher than the market share. So our power ratio is actually 1+.”

Speaking about the advertisers’ interest in the genre, Jaipuria said, “Apart from the usual suspect advertiser, 50+ other advertisers, banks, auto, FMCG are also joining in. It shows how pester power is moving. There’s one more reason for that - 35% of our viewership is in the 22-40 age group.” 

Elaborating on the channel’s content, she said, “Nine out of 10 kids want to watch animation. That’s why 95 per cent of content in this category is animation. Last year, kids’ time spend on the category was an hour and four minutes and this year it is an hour and 12 minutes. Despite the fragmentation, all GECs trying to woo away the kids, the category has only grown.”

But this year, besides keeping Nickelodeon in the leadership position, the franchise wants to make sure Sonic gets bigger. That is also one of the reasons why ‘Golmaal Jr’ was launched on Sonic. 

“Nick has been number 1 for five years and recently, we were at 20 per cent market share. After this, we will have to hit the moon. Rather than over-leveraging one platform, it is best to start creating a second strong channel which will help us not just from the viewership perspective but from the monetisation side too. Sonic has been ailing because of competition from Discover and Sony YAY! And then there is the whole distribution problem that Sonic had to deal with. Nickelodeon got through as it was number 1 and there was lot of pull for the channel.”

The network is planning to promote the show in a big way with promotions on channels outside the Viacom 18 network as well. “We are going outside Viacom 18 network so that we can get some of the non-Viacom 18 viewers as well. We are looking at Star Plus, 9xM and Masti,” Jaipuria revealed. 

There will be promotions on the network’s channels, in-show integrations, branding in malls and transit media marketing too, she said. The franchise will also get into influencer marketing with mommy bloggers. They, along with a few, kids will get to review the show. On the digital front, there is the innovative YouTube unskippable ad that is a category first.
Jaipuria also shed some light on how TRAI’s NTO order impacted the channels and the advertisers. “It is still a blackhole. We still don’t have any subscriber report to tell us how the channel has been accepted. From the ratings perspective, we are pretty much sure we are in all the homes where kids have been already watching us. While the pecking order of the other competitors has changed, Nick and Sonic have actually improved. If I were to show the last few weeks’ data, Sonic is already at number 4.

“We did have a bad quarter because of NTO. Advertisers weren’t clear about what would be the reach of the channels. We are still not clear what is going on but we have a sense. As a franchise, we are trying to over-leverage our vacations. Therefore, if we get April-May-June and October-November-December right, we are pretty much home.”

Nickelodeon also hopes to increase the language feed count from four to 8 languages this fiscal which will be mostly be HSM languages and Malayalam.

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