Radio City appeals to its audience by keeping consumers at the core

We take a look at Radio City’s segment for this year’s World Radio Day, how RJ’s have become FM channels influencers and trends in radio advertising

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Updated: Feb 26, 2020 4:10 PM
Radio City World Radio Day

Radio City has always kept its listeners at various touchpoints at the helm of what they do. For World Radio Day this year, Radio City, along with RJ Ginnie came out with a creative take with a segment on what the FM channel means to its listeners. The initiative garnered eyeballs and even received a tweet by Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Prakashan Limited.

Radio City’s ‘Rag Rag Mein Daude City’ initiative reflects the ethos the FM channel carries. This tagline reflects on everything that is important in the city and they curate the activities they do in each of their markets around it. Their initiatives such as ‘Kar Mumbaikar’ to display the issue of the potholes is one which is close to the heart of its listeners. Their latest campaign, #MATKar “Kyoki Tera Matdaan Badhayega Dilli Ki Shaan”, launched last month by Radio City’s RJs Aadi and Manav on their show Radio Ke Aadi Manav aimed to change the mindset of the people and motivate them to utilize their electoral rights.

RJ's have become Influencers to spread the FM channels brand message forward

RJ’s have been influencers since the Radio medium started because that is the kind of role that they play shares Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City. He added, “I remember in the good old days of radio in the smaller markets RJ’s were actually celebrities. They were asked to come and inaugurate offices and restaurants and so on. The influential factor of radio has remained and that is why it is more successful. One of the things we keep hearing is the challenge of whether Radio has lost its appeal. I don’t think so. It has only increased over the years. In any research that we do like the one done on World Radio Day, where RJ Ginnie posted this question to its listeners: What does Radio mean to you? The stories that came in if listened carefully you will have goosebumps. RJ’s are big influencers and a lot of listeners relate to them. We have effectively used our RJ’s over the years to ensure that our brand’s ethos is given back to our listeners the way it used to be.”

Advertising on Radio: An effective medium for brands

Radio is all about pairing a brand with a voice in a way that allows you to speak openly to your listeners. First, in the early years of 2001, the medium of Radio had to be sold to advertisers. From there to now Radio as a choice comes as default as far as advertisers are concerned. It is now only the kind of engagement that you want to do with those advertisers and the kind of investments that you expect. It has become about using Radio well to execute an advertising plan that works in the brand’s advantage and benefit. Most Radio stations are playing this role by letting the advertiser have the best out of radio through the integrated approaches.

Kukian gives an example of a brand activity Radio City did for Suzuki amGixxer. He shares, “When we started off the client wanted 11k test drives as a result of the campaigns and that is not an easy number. They were talking about test drives in the audience segment he was looking at keeping the brand’s personality in mind.”

“We took the challenge and in the first phase, we got a 17k response far greater then what the client expected. So much so that the client came in for a second round with us. For the first round, the show ‘Radio City’s Super Singer’ roped in Suzuki Gixxer. In the second round, we created a property for the client called Radio City’s Quest for a City Jockey. That again gave him the same consumer response”, remarked Kukian.

Radio allows advertisers a wide reach and appeals to consumers even in Tier 2&3 areas. Depending on where the FM channels market. Communication is platform-neutral when that happens it is about leveraging your own platforms to give that much more mileage to its advertisers. Kukian states, “Within the Radio City gamut, we have Mid-Day in Mumbai, Jagran OOH and more. Because it is from the Jagran group Radio City is able to cross leverage themselves and do a lot of cross synergies.

Treatment of content in Radio should be changing which the creative teams of Radio channels are responsible for. Digital teams of Radio Channels also aim to be integrative in nature. If there is a seamlessness or content dissemination that can happen in the digital world and cater to the digital audience in an audio format is something Radio Industry players should keep in mind going forward.

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