BIG FM's music promise strikes a chord with listeners

The proposition of 'hit gaane honge zyaada, yeh hai BIG FM ka vaada' gains 3,89,000 views on social media

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Aug 21, 2017 6:10 PM

With 71 RJs across 60 stations of its radio network coming together, BIG FM announced its new proposition of 'hit gaane honge zyaada, yeh hai BIG FM ka vaada'. The idea was to provide freedom to listeners from anything that is not music. 


Connecting over a single video conference call from different parts of the country, 71 RJs created a melange of a melody signifying the radio network's devotion to provide more music. Music composer Salim Merchant orchestrated the music for the video, which is a composition of famous patriotic songs. The entire sequence begins with Salim Merchant reiterating BIG FM's Zyada Music Ka Vaada and RJs becoming MJs for the listeners. He then leads the track showcasing the Music Jockeys depict the promise through a medley.


Atul Razdan, the National Programming Head spoke to exchange4media about the thought process behind the official programming music promise line. “An important aspect we tend to forget is that music is the primary reason we listen to the radio. At this point, all the channels are fighting a content battle and this is something we want to separate ourselves from,” said Razdan who emphasized the need to establish a separate identity as against other radio networks. “The starting point of this idea was that the listener is the king and music is a core aspect of the journey.” 


Speaking about the execution, Razdan said all the RJs at BIG FM will now become music jockeys. “That is the first point of connect that we will have with the listener. The jocks believe that music is at the centre of the listener requirement and is something we want to serve them,” he said. “We will try and show a sense of urgency in playing our music and will also cut down a little bit on content,” he revealed. Through their shows, the MJs will try and cover different aspects of an artist such as their style, mood, energy, emotion and other intricate details to provide more music-based content to listeners.


Razdan disclosed that BIG FM will continue to have utility and local connect apart from the trivia behind songs but it will be the music that will become the core aspect. Speaking about the behind-the-scene challenges, he said, “We have 61 stations and we actually connected 71 radio jockeys from across these stations. All of them connected on a single call with Salim Merchant who orchestrated everything, was one of the trials we had to face while filming.”

He noted that Independence Day just coincided with the positioning launch and so the radio network went ahead with it. The video of the music promise gained 3,89,000 views on Facebook.


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