Dawn editorial attacks Pakistani govt. for failing to act against anti-India militants

The newspaper also accused the Pakistani government of being unwilling to expedite proceedings in the Pathankot probe and Mumbai 26/11 trial

Dawn editorial attacks Pakistani govt. for failing to act against anti-India militants

An editorial published in Pakistan’s leading English daily Dawn has come down hard on the Pakistani state for failing to act against militants operating on their soil and spreading unrest in India and Afghanistan. The editorial also flayed US Secretary of State John Kerry who chose to not mention the violence that has unfolded in Kashmir during his diplomatic visit to India.

“While it is to be regretted that that only has the US ignored the violence in IHK (Indian Held Kashmir) and India has aggressively tried to blame Pakistan for allegedly seeking to stoke trouble inside IHK, there is another reality that must be addressed,” Dawn said.

It further wrote that “it is also true that Pakistan’s fight against militancy has not extended to anti-Afghan and anti-India militant groups operating from its soil.” The newspaper opined that such groups posed a serious threat to the stability of the entire region.

Commenting on the lack of progress in the Pathankot probe and Mumbai trials, Dawn stated that it reflected unwillingness on the part of the Pakistani state. “Consider that the Mumbai trials and Pathankot probe have effectively stalled and while there may be narrow, legalistic explanations for why that is the case, it appears to be a lack of will on the part of the state,” mentioned the editorial titled “US-India ties”.

The publication even criticised the government for allowing anti-India militants to freely give speeches in the country. “Troubling too is the space being accorded to pro-Kashmir, anti-India militants groups and their leadership here. When in many cases those leaders are either banned or indirectly linked to militancy, why are they being allowed to address public rallies and engage in political discourse?” Dawn asked.

“Terrorism is a common threat to the region and little will change if a piecemeal, ad hoc approach continues to prevail,” it concluded.  

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