Reporter’s Diary: Time for a revolution

Are we aware that that which we fear the most – losing our basic right to be a woman and enjoy it – lurks right in our backyard, asks Sai Prasanna

e4m by Sai Prasanna
Published: Jan 19, 2013 8:52 PM  | 3 min read
Reporter’s Diary: Time for a revolution

There is so much on my mind as I sit down to write this week’s contribution to ‘Reporter’s Diary’. Top of mind is the Delhi gang rape incident which made news for all the right and wrong reasons. Right, because it was high time a violation of this nature was taken seriously. We have become so immune to such reports because each morning, the newspaper serves up a steady diet of crime stories. We have unknowingly accepted these as being an intrinsic part of our society and lives. But Nirbhaya changed all that and this is where I come to the wrong reasons. It was wrong that she died, that the individuals violated her in such a brutal manner, and still there is talk of considering one of them in the juvenile bracket. Is age an indicator or actions?

Almost my entire network – personal and professional – comprises of women who are kind, strong, smart, sharp people. What if someone I knew had undergone something of this nature? I shudder to even consider that possibility, but it exists in my backyard. It becomes important in this context that the movement to take women’s safety and ensure our rights does not to die out or else a ‘Matrubhoomi’ like scenario is not far into the future. (‘Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women’ is a 2003 thought-provoking film that examines the consequences of rampant female foeticide and gender imbalance.)

Meanwhile, Zee News got their scoop of the year with the interview with Nirbhaya’s friend. What was commendable was the way it was handled – no screaming, shouting, or strange questions asked.

On the business side of things, there was the first edition of the Pitch Analytics in Action conference that was held here in Bangalore. While the theme was to ‘Demystify Analytics’, I muttered to my colleagues in jest that I was completely mystified!

While there were several great learnings from industry leaders such as Carlo Donati, Marcia Tal, Prabhu Kannan, Bidyut Nath, Mohan Jayaraman, Pankaj Rai, Sandeep Goyal, and many more, some of the sessions were so technically oriented that I just sat awe-struck, amazed that I was part of the same world. It made me resolve to delve into key learnings and workings across sectors.

The one key learning that I took away from the conference was that analytics, while a technical tool, is also all about understanding customer behaviour. Organisations produce goods and provide services for human beings, and if they’re looking to increase sales by reaching out to a larger audience and targeting a higher ROI, it is but crucial to understand how each segment of consumers behaves and reacts to a particular situation.

Conversely, that also meant six reports over two days covering a topic that I barely had knowledge of. But, here’s to a nail-biting finish and a well-deserved weekend!

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