Reporter’s Diary: Supreme power of the ‘Supreme’

Deepika Bhardwaj laments the corruption that has burrowed deep into the nation and the scams that fail to wake up the powers that be

e4m by Deepika Bhardwaj
Updated: Feb 11, 2012 7:32 AM
Reporter’s Diary: Supreme power of the ‘Supreme’

Investment of billion dollars, years of creating brands and dedicated efforts of thousands came to a standstill with the decision of Supreme Court, cancelling all 122 telecom licenses allocated under the 2G spectrum in 2008. The historic decision has revived the dwindling faith of common mass on the Indian Judiciary. The mess of the 2G scam, which had been continuing for a long time, finally came to an end, establishing that law is still supreme and is more powerful than money.

While the whole nation is celebrating the decision and punishment to the culprits, I haven’t been able to figure out in my mind if we should really be in a celebration mode. I feel there is a basic flaw in the way Indians think and react to circumstances they are thrown in. Look at it – Mayawati got hundreds of elephants erected spending crores of money on the same. Come elections, someone thought that the elephants should be covered up as per the electoral code of conduct and more money was spent on covering them. A multi-crore telecom license scam happened. First, no one got a hint about it, and after years, the court decided to cancel all the licenses and start fresh auctions. If we think through, it’s the common man who is the puppet of the system. It’s our hard earned money which is being siphoned off through scams, aimless initiatives, projects present only on papers, etc., etc.

The culprits are taken into custody for a while, but history is replete with examples of what happens after. Either these culprits are released or they are given VIP treatment inside jails which one rarely experiences even in regular life. And after a few years, they are set free. I then get into thinking, is the power of Supreme Court really supreme? Are the judgements given really justifying the extent to which harm is actually done in the society at micro and macro level?

It is a shame that one man – Anna Hazare - who stood for a cause which has eaten this whole country is today lying in hospital struggling for survival. The nation that cried once along with him is now silent and has easily forgotten about the cause. Reason – we have made ourselves easy to be played with. We may rejoice with the current decision, but in my opinion, it’s again a power play at the top level and not really the supreme power of the supreme. Had it been, the supreme authority of our nation would be ruling a judgement not on this scam – but the root cause of all the scams – CORRUPTION.

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