Reporter’s Diary: A New Year with no deadlocks

Correspondent Deepika Bhardwaj does a recap of the two major ongoing debates in the country – FDI in retail & should social media content be screened...

e4m by Deepika Bhardwaj
Updated: Dec 10, 2011 7:40 AM
Reporter’s Diary: A New Year with no deadlocks

How time flies! Writing my Reporter’s Diary for this week, I am recalling my first day at exchange4media. It’s been a year, but seems as if it was just yesterday. This one year has been a year full of lessons, a year full of challenges and a year full of efforts…

But I could have never imagined that the year-end would be so action-packed! FDI in retail has been one of the biggest political debates ever. Whether FDI in retail gets approved or not, one thing is crystal clear now – the aam aadmi is wise enough not to fall for traps that could end up destroying livelihoods in the name of employment. I may be old school, but I believe that as a strong nation, our leaders should not let the economy be so dependent on international funding that we forget to run our state on our own terms and conditions.

Even as the debates on FDI in retail were going on, Kapil Sibal raised a storm by talking about screening the content on social media. The massive communities on Facebook and Twitter have seen a flood of strong reactions to Sibal’s statements in the last few days. I feel our politicians need to think things over several times before making public statements, especially when it is related to social media.

Whatever the deadlocks maybe on the political front, business in Delhi is always abuzz with freewheeling conversations between agencies and clients all the time talking ‘Dhanda’ as they call it in Dilli ki Language. It was exciting to chase some of the most important business wins in last few days. I am keeping my fingers crossed to usher in the New Year with ‘No Deadlocks’.

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