ZEE5 to launch self-serve ad suite with auction-based dynamic pricing

According ZEE5, publishers can evolve their platforms from an IO-based sales process to biddable platforms, used by search engines and social platforms

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Updated: Jul 13, 2020 3:52 PM

Programmatic advertising is one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels due to its vast pool of inventory and buying efficiency. It has brought in efficiency in the digital advertising value chain in terms of campaign planning and management and provided auction based access to the inventory so that the best combination of right ads reach the right users. But, there is still tremendous scope for improvisation to build an effective system where buyers can bid efficiently and publishers can reap the rewards of a dynamic and healthy marketplace.

Some of the major challenges faced by publishers and advertisers in the programmatic value chain in the Indian marketplace are as follows:

Large publisher platforms across search & social advertising have fully automated bidding platforms, with following benefits:
 the price discovery for an impression is fully transparent, automated, and auction based on a true picture of supply and demand.
 If advertisers want to bid on a fast trending keyword, then they have to pay more
 Provide tools to the advertisers to manage their campaigns – alerts, notifications, planning tools, reach forecasting and entail high ease of use.

ZEE5 is now geared up to launch its own self-serve suite that will be based on a first-price unified auction model across all demand partners. To register click here.

With this switch to self-serve, ZEE5 foresees that:
 Every bid from programmatic buyers will compete in the same unified auction, alongside directly negotiated deals with the advertisers and those who are using the self-serve platform.
 An advertising buyer’s bid will not be shared with another buyer before the auction or set the price for another buyer.
 By automating the auction and creating an algorithm that matches the impression to the advertising outcome, ZEE5’s ad server will be able to show the right ad to the right user. And that too at the best possible price payable by the advertiser based on his bid on self-serve or programmatic.

Jayesh, AdTech product lead ZEE5, said: “By democratising access to digital tools, we will be providing an auction mechanism that works well for all advertisers and building a trusted bond between advertising partners and us. ZEE5 believes that its auction based self-serve platform is needed as OTT scales and becomes the new TV. 15 years back when regional TV channels became mainstream, a new class of advertisers were able to test TV advertising and build powerful locally relevant brands. Our self-serve platform will act as a similar enabler.”

Publishers can evolve their platforms from a simple IO-based sales process to biddable platforms, used by search engines and social platforms.

Rajeev Dhal, Chief Revenue Officer ZEE5, said: “Auction based, biddable self-serve tools are a part of the journey for large publishers to remove all potential areas of friction in the advertising value chain and move towards dynamic pricing models driven by demand & supply. This will enable us to expand our addressable market to millions of small and medium enterprises who want to utilise digital advertising. It will also help in automating sales and campaign management with a digital-first mindset and provide a level playing field across all advertiser groups.”

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