Why SEO & PR need to be best friends for organic brand pull: Aman Dhall, Policybazaar

Guest Column: Dhall, Head of Communications, Policybazaar says as new technologies evolve, the line between PR and SEO is blurring

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Updated: Mar 7, 2019 9:05 AM
Aman Dhall

Emerging juggernaut: “Marketing is not just about your product, it is about getting the customer to engage with your product through the stories you tell.”

The world of digital marketing has witnessed a massive change since first emerging on the world stage in the late 80s and early 90s. Further development in the sphere of digital technology accelerated the innovations taking place around marketing strategies of businesses aimed at including an online model to showcase their brand philosophy. With supporting infrastructures such as internet speed, availability of platforms and a receptive audience at an all-time high, the condition is ripe for businesses to merge and explore synergies between PR & SEO for a concentrated digital marketing effort. We must accept that marketing in its present form is all about establishing an emotional connection and this is determined by its capability to communicate the brand USP through storytelling and reach amplification.

Just as the sales vertical underwent a massive overhaul in the way they operate with the invention of the phone, followed by the swift rise of television and AI lately, it is time for businesses to devise a more inclusive PR and SEO strategy to unlock the potential of organic marketing in totality. After all, as new technologies evolve, the line between PR and SEO is blurring.

SEO & PR Together Deliver Holistic Impact for Digital Marketing

PR has often been ostracized for its inability to effectively quantify its impact as no uniform industry parameters exist. This handicap is adequately addressed by SEO which is able to quantify the effect by accurately gauging the engagement rate, bounce rate and the ranking of the website among other parameters. Since the three indicators also reflect the performance of any marketing campaign, it gives digital marketers an opportunity to take corrective measures if the desired impact has not been achieved mid-way through a campaign. The findings also provide a deep insight into the online habits of the target audience, thus empowering them to carve out hyper-efficient campaigns based on past experiences. 

Backlinking: The Important Piece in Organic Marketing

One of the pillars of an effective organic marketing strategy is backlinking, which is integral to SEO. Backlinks convey to the web that the content is reliable that improves a company's website authority. Using effective backlinks with your PR pieces, wherever third-party websites allow, improves a brand's organic search capabilities. For consumer internet brands focused on online earned media through PR, the backlinks not only amplify the storytelling efforts but also enhances organic value from such brand mentions.

And why not, a strong PR foundation is more likely to attract premium websites, including top-tier media publications and news portals. As the case being, most brands infuse large money into both PR and SEO activations but miss the power of combining the two to drive maximum value from their efforts.  

SEO & PR Collectively act as a Positive Catalyst Boosting Overall Impact of Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing thrives on its ability to band together with a large audience cutting across global boundaries through personalized story telling. However, a good story with a poor headline may not do justice to its potential and the messaging may get lost partially due to the inability of the story to show itself during an internet search on the subject. It is here that the content, SEO needs to be integrated with a brand's digital PR outreach. A holistic strategy based on integration and cohesiveness boosts an organization's organic marketing capabilities substantially.

Roles Are Evolving, PR and SEO Can’t Work in Mutual Exclusion for creating an effective Digital Marketing model

Gone are the days when PR & SEO could work in solitary, and get away. As businesses become more efficient, competitive and innovative, PR and SEO will witness roles that overlap and have the same objectives. The bread and butter of PR have always been building impactful stories, which brings brand philosophy at the forefront and establish connections with their audience. Even though traditional mediums like print and television continue to have a niche and loyal audience, the younger generation increasingly prefers the online medium for consuming content and it is here that the SEO comes in handy more impactful consumer-centric, integrated organic content.

Way Forward

What has prevented the ability of SEO and PR to unlock their potential so far is the hard line approach of PR and SEO professionals when doing their jobs. Both the groups are so passionate about their jobs that they tend to overlook the possible synergies, which can be explored. The circle will only be completed if both functions work together on creating the pull of the brand organically. In fact, this also presents a unique opportunity for professionals to upgrade their vocational capabilities and turn into multi-skilled mavens capable of handling both the verticals. After all, SEO and PR are complementary elements in a journey towards the unified goal of strengthening brand equity and what one lacks, the other fulfils.

I would say that while PR sends the message; its amplification is done by SEO, which complements organic marketing!  

(The author is the Head of Communications at Policybazaar)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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