What data-led video ads mean for the savvy Indian consumer

In the era of informed purchases, video is the king and data is its crown, say experts

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Updated: Jan 21, 2020 8:48 AM
Video based ads

From quirky memes to exceptionally creative DIY videos, the Internet is abundant in several types of content. The market scenario has completely shifted from long-written pieces to quick creatives and small videos. Earlier, Indians were more inclined towards entertainment. But with the penetration of the internet, awareness has increased and people have started placing equal importance on data as well. 

Today, millennials tend to ask questions but they have no time to read long articles. This led to the focus on video-based content, which is rapidly increasing. At the same time, they're too quick and smart. Brands can no longer take them lightly because this generation makes informed purchases. Hence today, we're are in an era, where the video is the king and data is its crown.

Advertisements for toothpaste and soap today come armed with data to prove their efficiency. It's clear that data-driven content can turn more eyeballs than regular boring videos.

 As per a HubSpot report, 90% of users suggest that product videos are very helpful in the decision-making process. Experts say that data is the key to grab consumer's attention. It technically works in the backend to ensure that the content we see in the frontend makes sense. 

 Experts believe that with cluttered messaging and competition peaking up brands are moving towards data-driven campaigns for better results and reach the target audience in the most personalized way. Also, with digital ad spends taking considerable space among marketing budgets, brands will be inclined to create data-led video ads for higher growth results.

A report by the digital information world revealed that 55% of people watch videos online every day. "For Indian viewers, data-led videos are more attractive than conventional videos," revealed Sameer Makani, CO-Founder and Managing Director, Makani Creatives.

 He feels that the digital market has evolved since the introduction of cheap internet, which has given rise to high video consumption. "While content plays a pivotal role in connecting and educating the potential customer, Data provides a base of factual information to the communication that helps in increasing credibility to the communication that goes out from the brand," he elucidates while speaking on the importance of data in video-based ads.

Talking about the emerging short-video platforms, Makani said, video ads will continue to grow and short video platforms like Tik-Tok, Helo and other emerging platforms will provide marketers with new avenues to promote their products subtly.

According to Manesh Swamy, Vice President-Creative, Logicserve Digital, Indian viewers like content that is entertaining, relatable as well as informative. 

Brands love to share their message in the form of videos, Swamy believes, but they need to produce data-led videos. "Data-driven videos allow brands to generate and convert leads more effectively through a deeper understanding of the customer profile and their consumption needs."

From cosmetics products claiming to lighten your complexion in seconds to tea brands ensuring to reduce your weight within a week, the ad world was once rife with misleading promises. However, Swamy thinks that this is not the case anymore. "Having worked with several prominent brands, brands and marketing agencies, have realised the importance of data and a lot of them have started using it diligently for making fact-based videos," he said.

 There are several short video-platforms, which are being used as a marketing channel from the brands. When asked about the future of video-based ads in the era of apps like Tiktok, Helo etc, he said,"Video ads are here to stay, and there is no doubt that such applications are going to be a strong marketing channel for brands."

Sudhanshu Rai, Chief Strategist- Saints Art, said, "Data plays an important role in retaining eyeballs of consumers as data-driven videos trigger a response from them and may address their interests. Moreover, data may help sustain the message for a longer period."

 When it comes to videos, it is impossible to not talk about Tiktok. This short video-making platform has been criticized and even banned a few months ago. Interestingly, brands and celebrities are using it as a market tool. The app, which was accused of leading the youth astray, is now evolving as a marketing channel for brands. Be it Bollywood actors endorsing their movies or brands promoting their products or commonfolk becoming a brand on Tiktok, we expect it to be a leading video-based marketing channel in coming years, he said.

 To conclude, we can say that that advertisement world is going through a drastic transformation and it is yet to see where this transformation will lead the industry!


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