'We have made digital an integral part of Tupperware's sales strategy'

Tupperware Associate Director - Brand Marketing Vivek Chaturvedi discusses how digital has taken center stage in the brand’s journey along with their plans to extend the on-ground retail network

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Published: Jun 10, 2021 8:47 AM  | 4 min read
Vivek Chaturvedi

First the internet, and now the pandemic, has upended the traditional direct selling method, impacting a number of legacy companies that used to rely on this model, including the iconic Tupperware. A trusted companion within the kitchen space, an integral part of pop culture, and a brand much loved for its sturdy range of plastic, steel, and glass containers, the 25-year-old brand has had a riveting journey in India. However, the past two years have prompted it to look into its sales strategy, evolve it, while still standing firm to its roots of direct selling and providing employment opportunities to scores of women who have been a part of its network. 

The brand’s associate director for brand marketing, Vivek Chaturvedi tells exchange4media, “Brand awareness has never been an issue for Tupperware. But we started realising that people were never clear about where to buy it from. Obviously, our direct selling channels were there, but we had to be more visible and accessible to the modern-day young customer as well. That’s why we have not only been extending our on-ground retail network but have also made digital an integral part of our sales strategy.” 

The brand opened a number of retail outlets last year as well and now has 91 stores across 56 cities in the country. 40% of these stores are in tier-1 towns, 25% each in tier-2 & tier-3 territories, and 10% in tier-4 areas. The brand, depending on the covid situation here, plans to take the total count to 180 by the end of 2021. Around 30-35% of the brand’s overall revenues are going towards strengthening its retail presence. 

Chaturvedi further shares, “We have also started going quite aggressive on our digital presence that we are also using to continue our direct selling model, which is providing employment opportunities to women. We have our company web stores, facilitating opportunities for over 70 thousand women across the country. Each order generates a unique URL that helps us in tracking the seller and the end-buyer efficiently.”

The brand is also quite active on modern social selling platforms like WhatsApp. And has also partnered with Dunzo for express delivery of products once ordered through these channels. 

Digital is not only a preferred sales channel for the brand but also a major chunk of its marketing budget is being targeted at this medium. 

Chaturvedi elaborates, “As I said, brand awareness is not really an issue for Tupperware but people still need to be made aware of where they can buy our products. And traditional media, especially in the wake of this pandemic, can’t be the best choice to do that. They best can be used whenever there is a new product or category launch. So, our core focus for marketing is on digital channels. We are relying heavily on performance and influencer marketing.

“Tupperware works with a lot of influencers pan India across categories like parenting, food and lifestyle. Masterchef India Season 6 Top 5 Chef Natasha Gandhi and TV Actress & influencer Malini Kapoor are two of the prominent influencers that we have been collaborating with for various campaigns in the past.”

On being quizzed about the new ASCI Influencer Guidelines, as the brand is quite active in the space, Chaturvedi wholeheartedly supported the development. “It’s broadly a welcome step in the direction of organizing a fledgling industry. Influencer marketing is evolving as we speak and it is in the consumer's interest to know whether the content they are consuming is being done with full disclosure. In fact, the practice is hardly new. The more experienced, trusted and professional influencers already do such disclosures. It may not be as standardized as described in the guidelines, but they make it clear to their followers whenever any aspect of their content is sponsored or in collaboration with a brand. It’s also a matter of pride for new influencers. I feel what ASCI has done is to formalise an unsaid best practice.” 

The brand is further looking forward to strengthening its in-house creative prowess and growing its social media presence. However, it has no plans to get an agency partner on board as of now. 

“We want to reach the young consumers of today with a strong purpose-driven message of a good life for all. And we realise that we need to experiment a lot with various forms of content and a heightened social media presence for it. That's our focus right now. We have a talented team in-house and we are sure we will be able to create a mark in the space soon. There are no immediate plans to get any agency on board but we will continue to work with some small, short-term partners.” 

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