The unstoppable brand value of Ranveer Singh

With his brand value skyrocketing in the last three years, actor Ranveer Singh is on a roll when it comes to brand endorsements

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Published: Jun 25, 2019 8:10 AM  | 3 min read
Brand Ranveer

The sheer magnetism of Ranveer Singh's personality has made him a favorite among different segments. His work is a delight to watch and that is why he has earned a reputation as Bollywood’s blue-eyed boy. The actor is always in the news for his energetic and quirky style. Not only is he a bankable actor, but he is a prominent face in the world of advertising. He is considered among the top 10 Bollywood celebrities in the business today.

This year Duff & Phelps released a report on India’s most valuable celebrity, where Ranveer Singh bagged the 4th position in the list, with a brand value of $63 million. In 2017, the actor was valued at $42 million. This shows the actor’s brand value took an impressive jump in just two years.

In 2016, Ranveer had 16 endorsed brands; in 2017 the number went to 19 whereas now, he is endorsing 28 brands. The list includes a mix of FMCG, consumer products, gadgets, luxury goods, and lifestyle products. When Ranveer Singh became the brand face of Ching’s, he charged a whopping amount of Rs 75 crores, which is the average budget of a mid-size Hindi film. It is one of the most expensive ads ever made.

We asked brand expert, N. Chandramouli how far his brand value can go, to which he said, “Brand value of any celebrity is ephemeral and is dependent on the performance at the box-office, which reflects the viewer-propensity of the celebrity. The greater the celebrity's trust and desirability quotient, the greater is the brand value”.

Ranveer Singh is among the few celebrities who consistently have a large number of endorsements. The journey of endorsing the brands started in 2014 when he endorsed a condom brand for the first time.  

This year Ranveer Singh has become the face of five new brands, Flite, Bingo, Llyod, Xiaomi India, and Kajaria Play. According to media reports, he charges around Rs 4-5 crore per deal.  The actor is giving tough competition to veteran stars like Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan.

According to Dimple Gupta, Strategic brand consultant, “Ranveer Singh represents a very mass, youth, inspirational, story of a person who came from outside the industry and made it big almost on his own by simply working hard. It was out there for the public to see how he grew from film to film. Since his life graph and career graph both have always moved upwards; brand Ranveer Singh positively inspires people - that it is possible! His personal story of marrying Deepika Padukone just by being committed, dedicated and hardworking in doing what he does best - acting; has a huge positive cumulative effect thereby making enhancing his brand value.

His value for the near future is sure to go further up. In fact anything which he endorses with Deepika will remain a chartbuster as Indians like the idea of - togetherness, family and the right way to do things”.

Ranveer Singh endorses a variety of segments and only a few actors follow pursuit; still, he is a beloved choice of brands? Chandramouli feels, “In most cases, a celebrity seeks to endorse as many brands as possible to maximize their commercial value, but too many endorsements also have the danger of losing value due to overexposure. Ranveer has carefully created an endorsement portfolio that continues to increase”.

“He is a confident, self-made actor who refuses to get put into any particular bracket. He is a maverick, but in a positive way, something the new generation relates to well. I don't think there is another actor that you can categorize like that, and this gets him high noticeability”, he added.

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