The idea of ‘Brilliant Moments’ campaign is to evoke nostalgia: Marketing Head, Hyundai

Hyundai is celebrating its 20 years in India. To connect with its customers on the occasion, Hyundai India has launched an emotional campaign ‘Brilliant Moments’ that revives memories of the customers about their cars.

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Updated: Jul 3, 2018 8:56 AM

Automobile brand Hyundai is celebrating its 20 years in India. To connect with its customers on the occasion, Hyundai India has launched an emotional campaign ‘Brilliant Moments’ that revives memories of the customers about their cars. The three-month campaign has three phases-- the first film, ‘The deal with ACCENT’ has already been launched, while the second film, ‘Army with Santro’ will be released soon on digital platforms.

The brand is known not only for its products, but also for its interesting campaigns. We spoke to Puneet Anand, Senior GM & Group Head- Marketing, Hyundai India, to understand what ‘Brilliant Moment’ campaign exactly captures and talk about Hyundai’s new products and more.

Here’s the edited excerpts:

What is ‘Brilliant Moment’ campaign? What exactly does the brand wants to communicate through this?

Hyundai started its commercial journey in India in 1988. In these 20 years, more than 5 million customers in India have bought our cars. Hyundai products have added lots of brilliant moments to the life of the people and so we have launched the ‘Brilliant Moments’ campaign to connect with customers.
We are giving an opportunity to our costumers to share the brilliant moments that they had with their car (Santro, Accent and i10). From all the replies received, we will choose some best brilliant moments and make a film with them.

This is an integrated marketing campaign. The idea is to showcase the stories that are built around the real moments and evoke emotions. The overall idea revolves around nostalgia and emotional connect.

Hyundai has seen lot of changes in the last 20 years, from our first production Santro to our latest production Elentra and the Creta. The desires, needs, aspirations have also undergone a serious change. Also, the purpose of this campaign is to launch our new product which will be coming before the festive season.

The company is celebrating 20 years in India. Looking back, what are milestones that the company has achieved over the years?

Hyundai is a modern premium brand and we are considered to be innovative, game changer and a challenger. We are changing the way consumers are looking at their products, making them more aspirational. We are giving them technology, connectivity, and mobility. We have seen the evolution of Hyundai from a new car company way back in 1988 to a mass brand. We are also writing our next 20 years of journey through various innovative ideas. So that, we can establish market leadership position and can be the most modern premium brand.

Premium segment Creta and Verna are performing better than entry level. How are you looking to bridge that gap?

The tendency of the customer is to go for aspirational products. The reason for this is that in India, almost 70% of car purchase happens on finance. Because of the easy availability of finance, customers looks for premium segments. That’s the reason, many first-time buyers are not opting for hatchbacks and buying SUVs.
Today, we are present in almost all segments and by next year, we are also coming up with a Sub-4 metre SUV. Right now, we have 10 products and we will be coming up with 2 more products.

Rural markets have emerged as a strong alternative for brands. What percentage of business comes from small towns and how is the company strengthening its product offering?

Today, we have more than 450 rural sales outlets. The outlets are relatively small with 500-600sq ft of area. Products such as Eon and i20 are a massive hit in small towns. Every month, 16% of sales comes from rural markets. However, we are improving service as well as product offerings. India is a vast country and it has to go long. We are investing to increase the size of the rural sales outlet, and also adding service facilities within those premises.

How does Hyundai plan to shape the future of mobility in India?

At the auto expo this year, we announced that Hyundai will be the first company to launch a fully automatic electric car next year. As a company, we are not only focused on the traditional mobility solutions, but are also looking at the future. Mobility for us is not a problem because we are bringing our own technologies and not tying with anybody. Telematics, mobility, data on-board computers, terminals, infotainment systems are our own technologies. We are not dependent on any third party. It is our investment and a new development of the Hyundai motor groups to make our mobility strong.

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