SMBs prefer to advertise on traditional media over digital: LV Krishnan

At the inaugural e4m Pride of India Brands conference, the CEO of TAM Media Research presented findings from a study that decoded SMBs via AdEx

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Published: Apr 22, 2022 8:50 AM  | 2 min read
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While digital has been a unique space to support the growth of SMBs in the country, these businesses have a higher presence in traditional media as compared to digital platforms, TAM Media Research CEO LV Krishnan highlighted in his keynote address at the inaugural edition of ‘e4m Pride of India Brands’ conclave in Mumbai.

Krishnan was presenting research on decoding SMBs via AdEx, based on findings on the advertising behaviour of 600 SMBs over the last three years.

As per data shared by Krishnan, in 2021, while 345+ advertisers were present on digital platforms, 540+ were advertising traditionally – on TV, print, and radio. The number of categories on digital stood at 200+ and on traditional media at 270+. When it came to the number of brands, 1K+ were advertising on digital platforms and 2.6K+ on traditional media. Only 20% of SMB ads transcended both traditional and digital media.

Krishnan further noted that on television, SMB advertisers preferred the news genre the most, followed by movies and daily soaps.

Also, the duration of ads run by SMBs on television is much shorter with 43% of these brands running ads shorter than 20 seconds. For other advertisers, this number was 26%. Only 3% of SMB advertisers from the research pool ran ads of more than 60 seconds.

Another interesting point shared by Krishnan was that while SMB advertisers have a smaller ad spend ticket size, they don’t shy away from signing big celebrities as their ambassadors. Between 2019 and 2021, 31% of the 600 SMBs studied used ambassadors. In 2021, 98 of these advertisers had enrolled endorsers.

Krishnan pointed out that the SMBs, over the last three years, preferred sports personalities over film stars. Amitabh Bachchan, MS Dhoni, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, and Ranveer Singh were among the most preferred faces.

On digital, SMBs preferred video ads over display ads. While the top video advertiser was Furlenco with 31% of its digital ads being in video format, the display ad section was ruled by Narayana Group of Educational Institutions with 10% of their digital ads being in the display format.

Krishnan also shared some insights into the print and radio ads by SMBs as well. For print, south Indian languages dominated the communication after Hindi. SMB advertisers also spent the most during the festive periods compared to other advertisers. On radio, SMBs preferred shorter ad durations just like on television.

As part of the interesting numbers shared during the presentation, Krishnan noted that 600 SMBs contributed to an average of six per cent of overall ad spends. 

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