Screenage: 65% apps use advertising to generate revenue: Sanjay Gupta, Uber

Gupta, Head of Marketing, Uber spoke about why 'Mobile First' approach is the way to go

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Updated: Nov 1, 2018 9:07 AM

Mobile marketing unlocks powerful opportunities for marketers at a scale never seen before. The fourth edition of The Maddies Awards 2018 held on October 31 in Mumbai also hosted Screenage, a mobile marketing conference. Sanjay Gupta, Head of Marketing, Uber, addressed a session at the conference on why 'Mobile First' approach is the way to go/connect with new age consumers.

Gupta stated that it is the most exciting time to be a marketer today as the rules of marketing are being re-written. He asserted that to truly leverage the power of the mobile, we need to look beyond advertising. “We have to leverage the mobile so that it seamlessly fits in the mobile experience,” he said. 

"78% people go to bed with their phone. People use their mobile phones almost 5 hours a day. It is the one entity which is there with our consumer 24/7,” Gupta shared while explaining how it plays an integral role in a consumer’s life. He spoke about the increasing consumer antipathy towards advertising. “65% apps use advertising to generate revenue. But now many people have started blocking advertising. Every time you open a newspaper these days, the first thing that you see is ad and not content. You can interrupt/distract people but that’s not how you build a brand,” he remarked.

Gupta contended that the best way to use the mobile is to engage the consumer. “Look at the mobile phone as a holistic construct than as an advertising construct. It’s very important for us to move from intrusion to creating joy by building experiences that fructify. Add the factor 'joy' to your mobile marketing strategy in order to be successful,” he explained.

The Marketing Head suggested that brands need to look beyond advertising. “If you look at redefining retail, it’s really about enhancing an experience for the consumer and looking at factors that enable the shopping experience to get better. We need to ponder over what extra the mobile can do for me in the purchase construct?” he suggested. Gupta shared that Uber has launched a 'pass' that helps its customers to pay the nominal amount even during rush hours.

He advised that mobile has to be integrated into the service experience and brands must reduce the cognitive load during purchase. Gupta pointed out the example of Starbucks and how you can order on your phone in advance and by the time you reach, your order is ready. He also emphasized on the subscription model and how people are opting for it. “When consumers have to make a lot of choices, they make lesser choices,” he contended. 

He spoke about the importance of enhancing the app experience and how you can enable consumption to get better. “The role of brands is to simplify for an over-stimulated mind in an increasingly cluttered world,” let out Gupta. Sharing his learning, he revealed that some brands are moving to integrating mobile in the customer journey. It’s very important to push the storytelling narrative and not the advertising one,” he opined.


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