Regional penetration will be the core of our journey this year: Eddie Udagawa, Canon India

Vice President, Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India, tells exchange4media that majority of their revenue comes from the DSLR segment

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Updated: Apr 27, 2018 8:55 AM

Canon India has come up with new campaign ‘Make every trip an EOS trip’ for its recently launched entry-level DSLRs EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D. The TV commercial shows different kinds of travel genre, encouraging people to capture and cherish special moments of life.

For the campaign, the brand has roped in three influencers who are travel photographers. They have featured as the main cast in the commercial.  The influencers, who go by twitter handles @bruisedpassports, @sadak_chap and @dharnidh, have been assigned themes. Besides featuring in the commercial, these influencers will capture their travel experiences as per their themes and will share updates on their respective social media handles with #EOSTrip.

exchange4media caught up with Eddie Udagawa, Vice President, Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India, to get more insights on the campaign, brand’s strategy in Tier II and Tier III markets and major revenue sources. Edited Excerpts:

What are you trying to convey with ‘Make Every Trip an EOS Trip’ and how does it resonate with the brand’s philosophy?

Taking our objectives of innovation and customer delight ahead, it is our imperative to continuously understand and address the demands and expectations of our customers. As a brand, we want to take the photography culture to the next level in India. Our campaign theme ‘Make Every Trip an EOS Trip’ emphasizes on carrying a camera for every journey. It focuses on different kinds of travel genre with an aim to encourage people to capture and cherish life's travel memories.

With this campaign, we want to encourage people to step out of the virtual world and experience real moments and make memories.

Who is your target audience and how will you measure the efficacy of the campaign?

As an entirely new brand proposition, ‘Make Every Trip an EOS Trip’ is a 360-degree integrated campaign targeted at Indian millennials who are aspirers, have a desire to be different, are digital natives and prefer relevant content. Keeping the TG in mind, the campaign emphasizes on travel stories, talking about different styles of photography related to travel.

Establishing a brand presence at multiple touch points combined with an innovative tone of communication leaves a deep-seated impact in the TG’s mind. The marketing activities are planned in such a manner that the message is communicated to the target audience in a precise and effective manner.

What is your strategy for Tier II and Tier III markets? How do you plan to drive demand in these cities?

We are looking to penetrate into Tier II and Tier III markets apart from metro and Tier 1 markets. We are aiming to reach out to these markets through extensive media campaigns across TV, print and digital media.

We have targeted different genres in TV channels such as Hindi movies, news, music and regional ones. These channels have a pan-India reach. To penetrate strongly into the Tier II and Tier III markets, we have also considered local and regional newspapers. On the digital platform, we are present in the vernacular news and entertainment genres. This makes sure that we reach out to customers in smaller markets.

Overall, Canon’s retail expansion plan includes deeper regional penetration into Tier-II, III and Tier IV cities, with an aim to strengthen the outreach with our experiential retail stores—Canon Image Square (CIS) 3.0 stores-- which are present in 120 cities.

With the likes of Sony and Panasonic, Canon has not able to taste success in the mirror-less category? What are the reasons behind this?

The growth prospect of mirror-less camera seems good, but currently, our plan is to focus on the DSLR segment as there is a growth in its demand in the Indian market. We are the leader in the DSLR segment. We want to strengthen our position in this segment by continuously providing quality products.

Our mirror-less range is in the evolving stage in India. We have added another product in our existing range of mirror-less category thus providing users with an option to choose a Canon mirror-less camera with EOS M5, EOS M6, EOS M100 and our newly launched EOS M50.

Through our robust product line-up that effectively responds to the needs of a wide range of users, Canon has continuously garnered highest global share within the industry.

Which is the biggest revenue business for Canon India-- point&shoot, DSLRs, printing or cinema cameras?

Since the demand is high for DSLRs, big sales happen in this segment. Majority of revenue comes from the DSLR segment. Additionally, both the camera and video product business have also increased over the years and is growing at a faster rate now.

Canon India is aiming at Rs 3,500 Crore revenue by 2020. How far have you reached?

2017 was an exceptional year for us as our organization completed two decades of our glorious journey in the country. I am proud to share that we have reached double-digit growth at the close of our financial calendar (January to December) last year.

Our target is to continue achieving double-digit growth while ambitiously moving towards ‘Vision 2020’, which is recording a revenue share of INR 3,500 Crore.

What does the future hold for Canon in India? What growth potential do you see here and what are the major factors propelling it?

Commitment, skill and innovation make our offerings unique. These are the reasons our products lead the market. We aim to penetrate further with our complete 360-degree portfolio, contributing to the growth of the imaging culture in the country.

Regional penetration of our products and services will once again be the core pillar of our journey this year. Our retail expansion through experiential retail stores Canon Image Square recently achieved a milestone when we completed 250 stores. We have recently launched the third version of our CIS store called the Canon Image Square 3.0. What makes this launch a noteworthy milestone in our journey is its transition from an experiential model to an ‘experiential imaging destination’.

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