Pitch CMO Summit: Storytelling is very powerful in advertising world: Marketing experts

Marketing honchos dwell on the topic, Bulls eye: Targeted advertising meets social media

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Updated: Apr 29, 2019 12:44 PM

At the Pitch CMO Summit Delhi held on April 26, marketing honchos from different fields sat together to dwell on the topic, Bulls eye: Targeted advertising meets social media. As Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter continue to make strides in improving their targeted advertising technology, developing unique capabilities to help brands and marketers reach audiences and clients in ways that were not possible before.

The session was moderated by Vikas Mehta, CEO, Mullen Lintas. The esteemed panel line-up for the session was: Achint Setia, VP - Marketing, Myntra Designs; Neelima Burra, Country Head - Marketing, HP; Sukanto Aich, Chief Marketing Officer - South Asia, Signify Innovations; Rohan Arora, Marketing Head, Bausch and Lomb India; Karan Kumar, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer, Fabindia, and Prashant Puri, Co-Founder and CEO, AdLift.

Mehta, who has been in the business for many years, started off the discussion by talking about finding ways to reach audience and entertain & engage them. He spoke about exploring the spectrum of marketing, what data driven environments have allowed marketers to do and about identifying macro level segments. He asked the panellists which part of the spectrum is a sweet spot for a business tool to make it the centre point of a marketing mix, and how should one go about finding a sweet spot?

Puri replied saying, “We work with different models. B2B and B2C businesses vary in KPIs. The sweet spot boils down to what your key performance indicator is.”

Kumar added, “It boils down to how much can the brand service the target audience.”

Arora went on to say, “As a brand, when you try to be in this ecosystem, you try to be here for different objectives. The objective can be engagement, conversion or simplistic inputs. For each of these inputs, your definition of ROI and your definition of targeting, and performance metrics are very different. We choose our objectives and marry them with platforms which are best suited for one of the objectives. Depending on the objectives, one needs to pick horses for courses accordingly.”

The discussion also focused on how storytelling is an important segment for advertisers nowadays. And how do one deal with the subject of storytelling?

Karan elaborated, “At the end of the day, it is our job as a marketer to tell a great story. These days advertising is not seen as advertising. Advertising is now content which needs to entertain people. With social media, the game has changed. We have three seconds to entertain our audience. We need to focus on the right audience in those three seconds and make an impact that will make sure that viewers stay on for the remaining part of the video.”

“It’s sometimes easy to get traction on a video of 45 seconds on social media, while sometimes, it’s difficult to get traction for even a 5-second video. I think story telling is very powerful in the advertising world. Dynamic creative optimisation is better because that is where I can personalise the same story; how do I make it relevant to viewers in that context. ROI is very much driven by sales. There is certain motion and funnel which we need to run effectively,” Burra added.  

To which Arora stated that advertising & storytelling has their place under the sun and needs to be dealt differently.  

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