My 3 predictions for 2020: Ranjit Raina, Geometry Encompass

From shifting trends in content creation, tech in offline & traditional commerce to the emergence of 'phygital' experiences, Ranjit Raina, CEO of Geometry Encompass, shares his predictions for 2020

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Published: Dec 31, 2019 8:54 AM  | 2 min read


Ranjit Raina Geometry Encompass

May you live in interesting times...

For the Chinese, the phrase is an ancient curse, the belief was that uninteresting times equal peace and tranquillity. Curse or not, 2020 is certainly going to be an interesting time for brands and marketers (so say goodbye to peace and tranquillity). After an equal measure of crystal gazing and soul searching here are the three prominent trends I see emerge in 2020.

Authentic Voices – Content creation will see a tectonic shift in 2020, we will see a resurgence of authentic voices and discover stories that are far more purpose-driven and rooted in the human condition. This will in turn impact how brands communicate with their consumers. I believe that this need for authenticity will be disconcerting for some brands and they will initially struggle to adapt to this change, the brand’s that do will create real impact.

Seamless Commerce – Tech in offline or traditional commerce will be the big newsmaker in 2020. Fintech companies that focus on technology to create merchant empowerment in the traditional shopper eco-system will make their mark. We will see the emergence of platform solutions for traditional trade that are not dependant on apps but instead leverage existing technology like WhatsApp and Google. This will usher in a new age of seamless commerce and have a profound impact on how we buy.

Getting Phygital – Both brands and consumers will find it harder to look at experiences as purely physical or digital. Experiences will become more measurable and insight-driven making them more efficient. The most successful experiences will seamlessly transcend the physical and the digital world. Marketers will rely more than ever on Phygital experiences to unite an omnichannel world.

Welcome to 2020. Let the interesting times begin!

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