What not to do when choosing a logo designer for a start-up: Varun Aggarwal, Designhill

Guest Column: Co-Founder & Executive Director, Designhill says when reviewing a designer’s portfolio it's important to take knowledge of what large-scale projects they have worked on

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Published: Jan 12, 2019 9:10 AM  | 4 min read
Varun Aggarwal

An efficient and experienced designer plays a significant role in giving your business a new image in front of your audience.  An ace designer knows the colour psychology, fonts and the other elements that can best suit the brand identity and can lay a lasting impact on the mind of the target audience. Only such a logo can engage your target audience with your new business.

A logo is the face of a business and the most noticed visible identity to draw customers’ attention instantly. Visual content is a big part of a marketing strategy. Therefore, it is important to choose the right designer who can strategize and drive attention of target audience.

Here are a few crucial mistakes that can be avoided while seeking a logo designer for your start-up:

Not knowing what you want
It is the designer’s job to translate your brand image into a highly flexible piece of design. But you always should do your part to make their job easier. You can start by figuring out the company values that you want to portray through your logo. You should also think of a colour scheme if possible. The ideas you have in mind should be discussed with the logo designer to create an impactful logo for a strong brand identity.

Don’t choose your typeface
Every typeface evokes certain ambience and image so it is better that the selection should be up to the designer. But to maintain brand consistency, you should make sure that the fonts you choose for your logo are not different from the ones you have on your website or online brochure.

Not getting details
When you are in the process of reviewing a designer’s portfolio, you should always ask about the role they have played previously with an agency. You should also take knowledge of what large-scale projects they have been associated with in the past. It is important to go through the designer’s portfolio and review them before hiring to avoid any pitfalls.

Everything that looks same
Over-consistency is the first pitfall to be seen in a portfolio. It is one of the easiest to pick out, for example, if we see a collection that are almost all circles or squares or rectangles, always use the same set of typefaces or the same colour palette you should then move to the next option as creativity plays a vital role in graphic designing space.

No consistency
If the designs in the portfolio differ way too much from one piece to the other, then it may denote a severe lack of understanding in designs and composition. If every different logo in the portfolio has a new experiment in layer styling and design, then you should look for someone else.

Colour choice seems off
Colour choice is the key to evoke desired emotions and ambience because colour has meaning. Such a colour choice helps the target audience. Every shade gives out a different feeling, like warm colours evoke energy and passion whereas cool tones establish a sense of trust and are relaxing. If the colours used by your designer do not seem right you then they may lack the knowledge of colour theory that you need to for your logo. In this case, you should probably go for a different designer.

Dated designs everywhere
Logo designers need to be in line with the latest trends. They should also be able to make out which trends will stay, hang on and which ones will fall quickly. A logo aligned with on-going design trends will make your business look good in the in your niche market.

Therefore, before choosing the right logo designer, it is important to know basically what image you want to project to your audience. Then, evaluate different design portfolios and pick the one that has quality design work with great consistency, right colour choices etc.

(The author is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Designhill)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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