Meet the super moms who rule the media world

As the world gets ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, we caught up with women business leaders to understand what motherhood and maternal bond mean to them.

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Updated: May 11, 2018 9:00 AM

Mom is Wow spelled upside down. And we sure couldn’t agree more.

A  mother is a source of strength and the biggest support. She is the keeper of secrets, the collector of memories and the preserver of family traditions. She is someone who has loved us unconditionally since our first breath.

As the world gets ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, we caught up with women business leaders to understand what motherhood and maternal bond mean to them.

Take a look at the lovely thoughts and pictures they shared with us:

Sonali Dhawan, CMO & Commercial Operations Leader, India Subcontinent, P&G

As a working mom, there are days when I wonder if trying to ‘have it all’ is worth it. And also there are times when guilt takes over. But when I see how proud my children and family are of what I do and how my work helps me earn their respect, I feel it’s worth it! It’s especially gratifying when my daughter says she wants to be a marketer like her mom!

Anuradha Aggarwal, CMO, Marico Ltd

Being a mom is an awesome adventure. Along with full time work, life becomes a really wild ride. I love spending time with my daughters, I love the way they think, they help me grow every day. I believe that my work life mashup helps me be better at work and at home.

Anita Nayyar, CEO, Havas Media Group, India & South Asia  

It is only when you are a MOM yourself that you understand the value of your MOM. Concerns of MOM during my growing up stage were always taken lightly. Why does she worry so much about everything???
Those early morning wake-ups …. Please get up quickly or you will miss the school bus, you have to be healthy and hygienic, take a bath quickly! Bournvita wala milk and bread jam? College se kab wapis aaogi? Which bus will you take and at what time? Should I pick you from the bus stop?
There has never been and there will never be anything like MOM’s selfless LOVE & CARE.
Now that I have two fabulous daughters, I know what it means to be a MOM and I know the value of all those questions of concern she had for me.
For all of us, our MOMs are the BESTEST. Happy MOM’s day MOMMY"

Sujatha V Kumar, Head, Brands & Reputation Marketing, Google India

I have always been a working mom and it has been a very rewarding journey. Of course there are challenges that one has to deal with. There is a lot self- evaluation that women do to ensure that both ends - work and home - are being well taken care of. I feel, we as women, should live in the moment and give our best to whatever we are doing. My kids and spouse are my biggest supporters in my work journey and I urge women to recognise how strong and capable they are and to pursue their various dreams!

Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect India

“Similar, yet different, like peas in a pod,
Through the streets of life, together we trod,
Living life to the fullest, celebrating it with laughter,
Living the values handed down from mother to daughter to grand daughter,
Giving and deriving strength from each other,
Was just a daughter till she came along and made me a mother
To give joy, happiness and inspiration to each other is our eternal quest,
As a mother, as a daughter, I just want to do my very best.”

Megha Tata, COO, BTVI

It’s tough being a working mother. One has to always prioritise between family and work. Sometimes family precedes work and sometimes work precedes family. There is no right or wrong decision on this. It’s a choice one makes. I made many such choices and continue to do so. However, I am also a believer of quality of time vs quantity of time. I think I have done reasonably well to have such beautiful and intelligent daughters and more importantly wonderful human beings!

Richa Singh, CEO, Philips Home Healthcare 

Filling my life with joy and sunshine - my mom and my twins.

Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, ZEEL

Behind every successful woman, there is a wonder mom. Here's to my wonder woman, my extraordinary hero who makes everything possible with her rock solid support and ever smart counsel.

(With inputs from Venkata Susmita Biswas, Madhuwanti Saha and Pallavi Borkar)

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