Marketers on the need for an integrated approach to up the brand value for consumers

Volkswagen's Kamal Basu, Mondelez India's Prashant Peres, Marico's Sameer Satpathy, Zydus' Tarun Arora and Nielsen's Prashant Singh on 'Rise of the Connected Consumers' at Businessworld Marketing Whitebook launch

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Updated: Aug 1, 2015 8:06 AM
Marketers on the need for an integrated approach to up the brand value for consumers

At the 11th edition of the Businessworld Marketing Whitebook, marketers discussed and debated on the topic ‘The Rise of the Connected Consumer.’

Kamal Basu, Marketing & PR Head, Volkswagen, Prashant Peres, Director Marketing, Chocolate, Mondelez India, Sameer Satpathy, CMO, Marico India and Tarun Arora, COO& Director, Zydus Wellness Limited were the speakers and the session was moderated by Prashant Singh, Managing Director, Nielsen India.

The session revolved around how the need of the hour is not about focusing on advertising or broadcasting, but on using an integrated approach to have a full conversation and increase brand value for consumers.

Commenting on the scope and usage of the digital medium today, Peres said, “Legacy marketers are often apprehensive about the impact they can make through new media, there is a fear. But one of the things about digital is that it will grow bigger and bigger by the day. This medium is here to stay and will capture the consumer’s mind space. We have taken and also pushed brands to make bigger and bigger step into the digital space.”

Adding to this, Satpathy from Marico points out that today consumers are looking at how to access the content and what device you are doing it from. The question to be asked here is ‘Can I own a great idea which can manifest itself through various means. Today there is a lot of decent work done in the digital medium and we have moved away from TV to screen time. But it is not about smartphones, or having access, what is important is, what you do with the access, so the task of the brand is relevant.

According to Arora from Zydus, digital is a very critical part of any organisation. They are like the mentors and an evangelist, taking the organisation in a certain direction. There is a lot of discussion and conversation which takes place in this medium and if we are not part of this chatter, we are surely missing an important part of staying connected to the consumers. Today because the line between online and offline is blurring, therefore there is a need for both to use each other to build the brand. Multi-channel purchase is going to happen and FMCG cannot sit back.

Echoing similar views, Basu also agreed that the digital world is our lifeline. “You can be so contextual in terms if you’re messaging. Most consumers do research online, before they walk into a store. The internet is the space where people are traversing. Platform like Carwale is helping us and the efficiency of spending money is much easier,” he said.

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