Indian markets support sustainable food & drink products more than global markets: Survey

Brand insights agency Nepa conducted an online survey in seven markets across the world to find out what people wish would come true in 10 years’ time in food & beverage, FMCG & retail sectors

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Published: May 20, 2022 1:02 PM  | 3 min read

A broad study in seven large markets across the world, has revealed how far people are prepared to go – or not to go - to support sustainable food and drink products. Brand insights agency Nepa asked over 5600 consumers what they wished they would find on the shelves in ten years’ time, revealing new opportunities for brands that  want to be a step ahead. 

Sustainability is a growing concern for many as people are changing their daily lives to be more mindful of the environment, and brands are evolving towards a greener way of operating. Markets are responding differently to these changes, with some being more open than others. For example, people in India are more likely and willing to make long term, radical changes when it comes to their diet and wishes for the future of the food industry.  The same cannot be said about other markets, such as the UK and the US, who are a bit more reluctant to see change happen. 

Key findings: 

  • Social media or supermarkets? 

Looking at the future of grocery shopping on social media, a shift to social media becoming the primary channel is something the global population would not like to see with 31% being opposed to the idea this grows to 39% and 40% for the UK and  US. However, in India 42% of respondents are open to top-up groceries being available through social media, proving that the digital reality in Asia is changing at a  fast rate. 

  • Veganism?  

When asked if they wish to see vegan products outselling meat in the future, only 30% of people globally responded favourably to the idea. A different response comes from India where 49% of respondents are keen to see plant-based outselling meat in the future. Opposing this is the British and Americans with 19% and 13% of both  countries’ respondents saying they’re unlikely to stop eating red meat, respectively. 

  • Shift towards plant-based dairy? 

Science has been making progress in creating “artificial meat” with talks of this product becoming widely available soon. Globally, 35% of people are not in favour of lab-grown meat being as widely available as farmed meat in stores, with only 18%  wishing to see this happening. India is slightly more receptive to the introduction of  this product, with 26% of people feeling positive about the idea. Dairy-like products are also a popular prospect in India, with 34% of respondents positive to the idea of  non-dairy alternatives outselling dairy milk products. 

“It’s incredible to see people in a mindset to try new things,” Says Esha Nagar, Managing  Director at Nepa India, “Indian consumers show a real openness to change when compared to the global markets. People are keen to find a purpose in their shopping habits and want to see that in the future.” 


Nepa conducted an online survey with 5618 people in India, Germany, Sweden, UK, US, China and Brazil, asking them what they wish would come true in 10 years’ time, across a  range of industries including Food & Beverage, FMCG and Retail. In India the average age of  sample size was 35 and were part of the urban new consumer classification system (NCCS) A. 

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