How Dettol used Community Marketing to scale the impact of their Dettol Salutes Initiative

Convosight’s Community Marketing dashboard helped track the impact of Dettol's initiative

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Published: Jul 29, 2021 11:44 AM  | 3 min read

The second wave of Covid in India in April - May, 2021, was one of the toughest times that went through together as a nation with millions of Indians being directly affected by the virus, extreme shortage of key resources like medicines, hospital beds, oxygen and many lives, young and old alike, lost. 

However this was also the time when we saw humanity at its best, with self sacrificing individuals coming together to help those in need. These individuals gave everything they had, to help the people around them with oxygen, food, medicines, real time helplines and transportation, whatever the situation required. 

Dettol wanted to salute these protectors who had taken extraordinary action during these challenging times via their initiative “Dettol Salutes”. They wanted to inspire the nation with these heroic stories by replacing their iconic logo on the Dettol Handwash bottle with the image of the protector and his/her story.

Under this initiative, they created a website Dettol Salutes where people could come and fill up a form, where they could -

  1. Nominate a person who they know had shown such courage in the time of Covid
  2. Add their photo and a message
  3. Get a virtual pack in their email which they could share on social media tagging the person who inspired them and highlighting their efforts

Dettol partnered with Convosight to use the power of Community Marketing in Facebook groups to scale the reach and impact of this initiative and drive more participation.

The admins of these Facebook groups shared the stories of their Covid heroes with virtual packs in their groups and motivated the members to do the same by highlighting the Covid protectors they know.

Inspired by the above members sharing stories with virtual packs in posts and comments in these Facebook groups, triggering more members to see, get inspired and share.

The results of engaging with relevant communities on Facebook were simply amazing! 

“Dettol Salutes campaign was able to generate more than 33000 virtual packs for this campaign, from Community marketing in Facebook groups, accounting for almost 18% of the total virtual packs generated.” 

All the above being tracked in real time on Convosight’s Community Marketing dashboard.

Convosight helps brands partner with some of the most engaged communities and do insights driven community interventions. This empowers you to engage with your customers in the middle of the marketing funnel and drive consideration, preference and advocacy for your brand. 

If you want to explore the potential of community marketing for your brand, reach out to us here.

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