Goodknight replaces its Power Active machines with launch of ‘Goodknight Gold Flash’

Sunil Kataria, CEO, India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, says the brand intents to upgrade consumers from dual format to liquid format repellents

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Updated: Feb 7, 2020 9:00 AM


Sunil Kataria at launch of Goodknight Gold Flash

One cannot unsee the growing threat that the country faces due to the increased mosquito breeding. With an aim to support the Government’s claim to make India Malaria free by 2030, Godrej Consumer Products has made a bold move of discontinuing its Power Active liquid vaporisers by launching the ‘Goodknight Gold Flash’ vapouriser, which has been positioned as ‘India’s most powerful liquid vaporiser’.

Speaking on the launch of the product, Sunil Kataria, Chief Executive Officer - India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited said, “A single format product is not good enough to protect individuals from vector-borne diseases. Roughly 45% of people use dual formats but want the instant effect of a fast card and the longevity, convenience and all-round protection of a liquid vaporiser. We picked up this whole insight to create a comprehensive one-stop solution for all consumers, without charging a premium for it.”

The brand upped its game by making sure that no refill other than the flash refill works for the product. However, six crore consumers make use of the Power Active machines, and hence, the brand has decided to discontinue only the machines and not the refill. “We would definitely want to phase out of the active refills too, once all our consumer shift to the flash machines. We have stopped the sale of active machines, but at the same time we don’t wish to cause inconvenience to our existing power active users”, Kataria added.

Kataria believes that there will be marketing difficulties due to the replacement of the power active machines. “Our whole marketing is broken down into district regions since every region is culturally and linguistically different. It’s a bold and relevant marketing move and despite affordability challenges, this product will offer an all-in-one concept, which doesn’t require the use of any other format,” he said.

On the bright side of the tunnel, he is sure that as the campaign spreads and as consumers start shifting to the new machine, they will realize the difference.

Most of Goodknight’s campaigns have used kids as protagonists, thus drawing a strong emotional appeal towards the brand. The new Goodknight Gold Flash campaign titled ‘Mosquitoes ko Dhapak-Dhapak’ co-stars two kids as main leads. “All over the world, the mosquito repellent category is only built on harshness and always speaks about killing. What makes our brand market leaders in the category, is our focus on protection and not on killing,” Kataria said.

The brand believes that only product efficacy in a brand might be destroyed by competition at some point in time, but its emotional appeal always goes a long way in drawing existing and new consumers to the brand.

On the product’s expectations, Kataria said, “We have a very high market share in the insecticide category and our intent is to upgrade consumers from dual format to liquid format and also help us upgrade coil users to electrical format. I expect a lot of other users, especially the multi-format users to buy this product.

The largest chunk of the brand’s growth came from the coil users, even after the launch of the Power Active vapourizers 10 years ago. The new product is all set to be a game-changer for the INR 2200 crore liquid vapouriser market in India.

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