From lab to table: The story of Borosil's evolution

Guest Column: Priyanka Kheruka, the Brand Head at Borosil, looks back at the company's transformational journey led by innovation and adaptation

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Updated: Aug 10, 2021 2:04 PM

Growth and evolution are a part of a brand’s journey and legacy. The need to constantly challenge oneself to innovate, adapt and move ahead with the times is the hallmark of a company's genuineness and commitment to its customers.

Borosil’s foray into the Indian market began in 1962 as a joint venture with Corning Glass Works, the USA where we sold products under the brand Borosil. The name was inspired by the borosilicate glass we used across our key products. In 1988, our family bought the shareholding from Corning. That was the starting point of our journey.

Borosil was initially known as a scientific product manufacturing company and the transition to becoming a lifestyle brand was the next step for us.

In 2013, our new business model helped us to expand our portfolio and go from a laboratory glassware company to becoming a complete lifestyle brand for kitchen-to-table solutions. Under this, we further developed kitchen appliances, storage containers, hydration bottles, crockery etc.

We had gained the trust of customers in India and were made to further realise the value people placed in the brand. It was a trust we constantly reinforced back with our vendor partners and customers as a homegrown brand that places the utmost importance on quality and a deep understanding of Indian households and kitchens specifically. We had a strong manufacturing model in place as well as strong production capabilities allowing us to make our products more accessible and far-reaching. Our attitude has always been ‘customer first’ and a lot of our innovative products are designed basis first-hand interaction with them.

The idea behind becoming a lifestyle brand was to help Indians be more efficient in the kitchen with products that were functional, aesthetically appealing, of the highest quality with smart functioning. Our aim was also to educate people on the benefits of using glassware that is safe, hygienic and yet stylish & timeless. A 'pro-glass' approach to food and beverage items especially has taken us a long way to partner the health of individuals as well as sustainably reduce environmental pollution.

However, there were challenges to be faced. When we started as a lifestyle brand, we realized how deeply plastic products were entrenched in the minds of people. Given the cheap cost and durability, people saw it as a good return on investment.

Glass on the other hand, which is our main component for storage, dining, cookware etc., was still a novel concept. It was reserved for special occasions and meant to be displayed when guests came home for dinner. We had to break through this mindset and prove the viability of glass through high-quality products that had a good shelf life and also the versatility to offer cook-serve-store solutions.

Today, people's preferences are changing. Millennials particularly are realising the multiple benefits of using glassware for their health and also want to be environmentally conscious. This has led to a shift in the growing adoption of glass products. We are happy to be the market leaders in glassware and cater to a diverse audience- from homemakers to millennials and professionals on the go who are looking for convenience. Our products and appliances help them achieve that with less time, effort and resources.

Our glass products are made of 100% borosilicate glass and do not leach harmful chemicals on heating, unlike plastic. Our glass cookware and serving range, for example, can be used in the freezer and put straight on the stove. You can also cook and serve food in them offering versatility, convenience and safety in the kitchen.

Borosil has a high recall value and I believe we have been able to build this positive image with a lot of hard work, customer insight and qualitative design and production. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to make peoples lives better. Viewed as an aspirational brand, we have also worked on making our brand affordable. For all kitchen needs, there is a Borosil product for everyone. From appliances to drinking, cookware to storage and festivediyas, we aim to be synonymous with quality, trust, style and affordability.

As we grew and expanded, we realized there was no one particular place where consumers could view our exhaustive range of products and this led to the creation of our e-commerce platform - Today, we retail on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipchart as well as on our website. During the pandemic, a lot of our audience has shifted and in fact, grown geographically with these digital avenues added to our strong pan India retail presence.

As a home-grown brand from India, for India, we feel rewarded when we hear our customers share their trust with us through all stages of life. We know we have done something right and this pushes us to excel and further better ourselves to be the favourite and most trusted brand of India.

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