For Span, #EveryDayIsWomensDay

Span Communications video underscores the hypocrisy of dedicating just a day every year to glorify women

e4m by exchange4media Staff
Updated: Mar 11, 2017 8:27 AM
For Span, #EveryDayIsWomensDay

On International Women’s Day, Span Communications launched a video under its campaign #EveryDayIsWomensDay, highlighting the hypocrisy of the day that aims to promote women empowerment. International Women’s Day, incepted in 1909, is intended to draw attention to the social, political, and economic successes of women. However, the short-sightedness of the people to limit the attention to a single day, while violating its principles on all other days, has long been an issue of concern.

Through this video, Span Communications resolves to address this issue while promoting the need for empowering women every day. The video adopts a rather satirical theme, featuring women who express their views sarcastically on various aspects of the day, including how women are adored and adored in all their glory, how respect befalls from the unlikeliest corners, how their success is celebrated across the globe, and how all is simply forgotten when the clock strikes 12.

The opening lines of the video glaringly capture the video’s stance on International Women’s Day – “Loh phir aa gaya International Women’s Day, jab har koi janana chahta hai what I have to say”. In the video, the women address all that is wrong outside of Women’s Day and question viewers on why women in our society are made to bask in glory on this one day when they face the brunt of discrimination the remaining year.

In the light of the recent violations against women, including the mass molestation in Bangalore and multiple rape cases in Uttar Pradesh, the video sends out an important message on women’s safety in India. Every day and every minute, women from all walks of life face social evils such as harassment, molestation, assault, and violation at various places across the country, with substantial blame attributed to women behaviour. The video delineates why it is imperative to break away from this mentality and focus on the real causes for such incidents – misplaced sense of patriarchy in the society, lack of education, and poor conditioning of men.

It implores the viewers to respect the notion of women that International Women’s Day brings forward and carry the sentiment each and every day. Through the video, Span Communications intends to convey and request the society to carry its essence and spirit the year round.

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