e4m Conclave-South: Content connects the diverse consumer: Experts

At the exchange4media Conclave - South, industry experts deliberate on the topic- 'How to Market to a Diverse & Connected Consumer'

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Published: Nov 23, 2019 9:10 AM  | 4 min read
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In an era when the consumer’s unity and diversity do not depend upon geography and demography, but rather on ideology, attitude and social presence, it has become increasingly difficult to grab their attention. But, a panel of leading marketers, from diverse sectors concluded that today, if the content is relevant and shared across media, it reaches the right audience and is appreciated.

These experts came together for a panel discussion, on Friday, November 22, 2019, at e4m South Conclave to deliberate on the topic 'How to Market to a Diverse and Connected Consumer?' The panel was moderated by Kishan Kumar M S, Vice President of Wavemaker India and the esteemed panel included, Amarpreet Anand, EVP & Portfolio Head, Diageo India; Anil Hirani, MD, Armour Digital OOH; Diptakirti Chaudhuri, Head of Marketing, Manipal Global Education Services; Harish Narayanan, Head of Marketing, Myntra & Jabong; Jayati Singh, Global Head - Marketing, Tally Solutions; Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing - India, Tata Global; and Shazia Zafar, Head - Marketing, Chumbak Design.

The discussion was started by Kumar with a general question to the panellists, about how they perceive the “diverse and connected consumer, as a threat or an opportunity?”

To answer his question, Narayanan said, “As a marketer, there is no more thrilling time than this… because thought, on one hand, we say the consumer today has an attention span of a goldfish, but the same consumer spends hours binge-watching. This shows that if your content is great they will love you no matter where they watch you.”

Chaudhuri added to Narayanan’s statement and advocated the importance of channel agnosticism. He said, “Consumers are now a decision-making cluster and this is very diverse. You have to choose to market to this cluster specifically, who are in varied age groups and presents on different social media platforms. The variables are interestingly increasing.”

Taking the conversation forward, Das said that, in India, we were always communicating to a diverse audience from time immemorial. But, earlier the communication between a brand and a consumer was one way. Brands passed on the ‘information’ to the consumer. But today information is everywhere. Therefore the role of content becomes important to reach the right audience “Today, brands can position themselves and reach to a certain set of the target audience and optimise their message” added Das.

Singh who comes from a B2B sector added the importance of brand purpose to the conversation, She said, “When you have to tell a story, it is emanating from the brand purpose. The brand is trustworthy, but that cannot be told in an ad. The best form of content we see in a category like Tally - the one generated by the customer themselves.”

Adding to Singh’s statement, Zafar highlighted the importance of finding commonality among diverse consumers. She said, “Our customer's age ranges between 14-50 years, and walking in our stores every day are both men and women. We exist in tier 1 and 2 cities. We try to find out the homogeneity in that. We believe that we cater to anybody who is fun at heart.”

Anand highlighted the importance of penetrating the consumer base by giving them what they want. “We are a firm believer of new-age marketing. Penetration is the thing. It will give you long term sustainable growth. We ask our people not to sell but to serve customers. There is a fundamental shift in what we are thinking. Let’s not interrupt someone, let's observe what they are watching and go with it”, he said.

Singh agreed with Anand and said, “It has to flow through the entire organisation – messaging- from marketing, sales and delivery and the customer services has to speak the same language in the same tone.

Bringing in his experience as a media baron, Hirani said that today for maximum reach, brands need to target an intelligent “cocktail” of channels. “We have done campaigns that are offline and online and it is all about picking up the right channel.”

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