Digital is a significant part of our media spend: Director Marketing, Kellogg India

Sumit Mathur of Kellogg India spoke about the robust Kellogg portfolio and how he is trying to build the core category as a strategy for bigger market share

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Aug 10, 2018 8:51 AM

In the last 24 years since Kellogg made entry into India, the brand has witnessed phenomenal growth and has become the staple breakfast alternative of millions of Indians. The company also continues to experiment with new product line-ups to increase its market share and create more occasions for consumption.

In an interview with exchange4media, Sumit Mathur, Director Marketing, Kellogg India spoke about the robust Kellogg portfolio and how he is trying to build the core category as a strategy for bigger market share.


How are you looking at the development of your core category — breakfast, and make the product relevant beyond just one occasion?

Food is all about occasion and the same consumer in different occasions will think about food very differently. We are at the end of the day a breakfast cereal company and we have a very good portfolio. Now the focus is - how do we take the current portfolio, build the market within the core occasion — which is breakfast, because there is still huge opportunity for us. So my first task is to do category development of my core business, first within the same occasion and then within multiple occasions.

Are you looking at a new product line-up beyond the current portfolio?

We always look for new line ups. The way I think about it is that, whatever it takes from the point of view of developing the category in India, product is just one part of it, equally important is how do I find more and more sharper insights to ensure that consumers are having me on the occasion they are finding me more relevant . Also, equally important is how my product is available to more shoppers. As long as we are ensuring that we are covering all the aspects of developing the category, product is only one aspect of the whole market development.

Your recent campaign, ‘Nourish Your Dreams’, spoke about brand purpose; what would you call the elements of an effective campaign?

Once you crack a strong brand idea, the challenge is how you bring it alive on multiple occasions and in different ways for the consumer. This is the philosophy with which I work. Once you think of a purpose you have to stay very authentic to it. For ‘Nourish’— we went back to tell the real stories.

I came to Kellogg a year back and the whole task for me is how to get more consumers to consume breakfast cereals on more occasions. So if I have to develop the category, there are couple of aspects to it. The most important is people finding the product relevant and the right time for them.

Watch the campaign here:

Today’s marketer has plenty to choose from when it comes to the medium of communication; how do you deal with this, how do you divide spends between traditional and new media?

In my mind, it is magic and science put together. Finally it is about ensuring that your message has maximum reach. The fact today is that TV is not the only media today, digital equally is. Thanks to the way 4G has become big in India; digital has become a significant part of our media spend. The beautiful part about digital is that it is not one way communication and it allows you to engage with your audience. If you get your insights around occasion’s right, you can come up with far more powerful stuff, but all of it will only happen if your idea is strong.

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