Context around brand building has become complex: Tim Castree, Wavemaker

The Global CEO of Wavemaker was speaking at the recently held Pitch CMO Summit in New Delhi

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Updated: May 8, 2018 9:00 AM

At the recently held Pitch CMO Summit in New Delhi, Tim Castree, Global CEO, Wavemaker, spoke about overcoming challenges and adopting best practices to generate brand love in an increasingly cluttered environment.

Underling the importance of context in communication, Castree said, “There is so much noise around us today that the context around brand building is becoming more challenging. Our job is to cut through that noise and make better decisions.”

“In more than one way, depending on what you read, you really determine what you think about any particular thing. Depending on what you read, you may think that TV as a medium is dead or TV is here to stay. There are people who believe in the power of digital or those who think it represents a corrupt ecosystem, it all depends on their contextual understating of the mediums. So context is always critical,” he said.

Castree also spoke about the importance of ‘purchase journey thinking’, which according to him, can help marketers navigate the complexities involving today’s consumers.

“CMOs are using this ‘purchase journey thinking’ as a simplifying and clarifying way to understand the challenges in the world of marketing today. What we do at Wavemaker and what we tell our clients to do is to cut through the noise. This we do by getting focused on consumers, we call it purchase journey thinking or purchase journey obsession, and it helps us make sense of things easily,” said Castree.

He also stated that adopting ‘purchase journey thinking’ can help in a world which is increasingly getting obsessed with short term. He said, “Focusing on the consumer journey behaviour makes us understand the relation between intangible parameters and actual actions, which are connected to economic returns. It is important for marketers to know what is happening in the consumers mind when he/she is making the purchase decision.”

Castree also urged that there should be connect between language used in the board rooms and language used to describe the brand. “Too many CMOs are talking about salience, love etc, which in real is not the language of the board room. These words are very important for the economic health of the business and connecting with customers and understanding how people connect with the brand. It is important for us to up level the conversation and look at how these words can contribute to the organization,” added Castree.

During his keynote, Castree also spoke about the need to understand the relationship between—“what I was going to do and what I actually did and did I convert the strong consideration and bias for the brand into actual purchase.”
According to him, if there are missed opportunities, we need to understand the process more closely.

Talking about the complexities involved in understanding consumer behaviour in a climate of disruptive business models, Castree further added, “Consumer purchase journey can also help us navigate in a world that is getting defined by disruptive business models. Also, understanding the concept of touch point disruption is important. For example, people look at physical stores for products but go shopping online. By understanding this, we can better intercept the customer at the right touch point.”

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