Consumers are looking for frictionless experience: Namita Katre, Uber Eats 

At the launch of the Pitch Madison Advertising Report 2019, Katre, Head of Brand, Strategy and Campaigns, Uber Eats India, spoke on the need to identify what needs to be done differently

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Updated: Feb 15, 2019 8:52 AM
Namita PMAR

Namita Katre opened her speech at the release of the Pitch Madison report, saying millennials were actually driving the consumer force.


Speaking about the challenges faced by marketers, Katre said: “Nearly 130 million people have been internal migrants in India. It is a mind boggling number as people are nomads within our country and we equip ourselves to talk to them differently.”


“Today, we cannot launch a new-age business and come into the world with existing assumptions about the consumers, the audience, and the products. That is the biggest flaw we could make as business people or marketers. And therefore, it is fundamentally the time to contemplate and re-examine what is it that we need to do differently.”


Consumers and businesses have sort of cognitive behaviour and pre-conceived notions about their needs, she said. “How they pan out in terms of actions and how it’s actually consumed by products or services is one of the challenges for us as marketers. While businesses need to change, we also need to reframe the consumer needs,” Katre added.


According to Katre, technology and capability are going to keep evolving and consumers are going to adopt and adapt those. 


Speaking on personalisation, Katre said, “The consumers while they are inundated with information, they are also inundated to make choices for them. They are experts in their own rights.”


“Online food delivery business has been evolving. The key cultural shifts like internal migrants, more women among the working population, and sanction for outside food are some of the cultural changes that are making the online food delivery business thrive,” said Katre. 


“Within this cluttered space, what the consumers are looking for is frictionless experience and every small incremental innovation like a product feature or re-order button is actually getting the consumer hooked onto the brands,” Katre signed off. 

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