Brands reiterate commitment towards nature on World Environment Day 2020

Here’s how brands across the spectrum amplified their message on preserving the ecology with creative campaigns and sustainable measures

e4m by Sanstuti Nath
Updated: Jun 5, 2020 10:51 AM

As the world deals with the pandemic, people have finally come to recognise the gravity of climate change and pollution. The core reason for these problems is man’s interference with the natural order of the environment.  The situation has also thrown a sharp focus on the link between people's health and that of the ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of conserving nature.

Therefore, this year, on June 5, brands are coming out to find a connection with nature and to take a pledge to protect it. From Helo to Forevermark, brands across the spectrum have come up with campaigns centred on World Environment Day to amplify the message of preserving ecology.

Talking about why it has become important for brands to align with nature’s cause, Parag Kulkarni, Managing Director, A.O. Smith India said, “Protecting biodiversity has become a business imperative for companies. The alarming rate of deforestation and land degradation in recent years has highlighted the urgent need for action to safeguard the rich biodiversity. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has heightened this reality (by underlining the importance of fresh and non-contaminated air) and has also thrown into sharp focus the link between people's health and that of the ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of conserving nature.”

He added, “The current crisis has given us a unique opportunity to pause, reflect and rethink how to do a balancing act with nature to ensure a harmonious relationship. Hence, on the occasion of this year’s World Environment Day on June 05 which is themed as “Celebrate Biodiversity,” all the stakeholders must come together to save and protect our environment from different environmental challenges, the world is facing today.”

Leading diamond brand, Forevermark reiterated their commitment to protect wildlife and keep responsible sourcing at the very centre of their business to build a beautiful tomorrow. Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark, told e4m that every day, Forevermark and the De Beers Group commit to protecting the natural world and positively impacting the countries where their natural diamonds are sourced.

He said, “A Forevermark diamond is a lifelong reflection of the beauty, perfection, and infinite variety of nature. Both diamonds and wildlife share the concept of forever, and this concept depends on what we do today to make sure we have a future, which is indeed forever.”

He further informed us, that the brands have been active in Rhino conservation for many years, including conservation, breeding and relocation programmes. The Moving Giants which is the elephant conservation programme at the Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve in South Africa has been extremely successful where 200 elephants were moved over more than 1,000 miles to Mozambique, where there is a need for re-population.

"De Beers ensures that for every hectare of land affected by the group’s mining activity, 6 hectares are set aside for conservation, equating to approximately 200,000 hectares, 2.5 times the area of New York City. Our business is based on recovering nature and treasuring these successes,” he added.

Nestlé India collaborated with Stree Mukti Sanghatana and RECITY to release a poetry film, ‘Let’s imagine a healed world’ as part of Project. The poem urges people to collectively imagine a cleaner environment that helps biodiversity flourish.

According to Sanjay Khajuria, Director - Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India, “During the pandemic, Nestlé India through its Project Hilldaari and in collaboration with local stakeholders has reached out to waste professionals in the select tourist towns of India and enabled them to face the crisis by providing essentials, creating awareness and equipping them with safety gears. On the occasion of World Environment Day, the Hilldaari poetry film also encourages collective efforts for a better tomorrow and resonates the need for respecting the environment.’’ 

Helo too has partnered with ‘Waste Warriors’ to mark World Environment Day with digital #NamasteNature campaign. Talking about the campaign, brand’s spokesperson said, “On the World Environment Day, we have launched #NamasteNature, an in-app campaign aligned with the UN theme for World Environment Day 2020- 'Time for Nature’, in partnership with NGO Waste Warriors. The campaign focuses on spreading awareness amongst users around solid waste management techniques and driving meaningful conversations on environmental issues amongst the larger online community.”

Finolex Pipes, in collaboration with Mukul Madhav Foundation, Robotex India & Robotex International, Hack the Crisis – India, and Schbang, is organising a “Digital Clean-up Day” to celebrate the World Environment Day. As per company’s official statement, the reason behind selecting such a unique theme is that, people don’t often realize that in the digital world there is also pollution that influences the actual environment. Almost all online activities increase our carbon footprint.  Brand cited McAfee’s report published in 2009, which said that it takes the same amount of energy to deliver billions of spam e-mails as two million US households use in a day. “By 2025, it is estimated that data repositories will be using a fifth of all produced energy, as well as be some of the greatest polluters”. The statement read.

Brands like Surat Police, Alpino Health Foods. Four Buttons have also came up with creative on social media to make the day.

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is ‘Time for Nature’ and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change have launched various programs under the theme ‘Celebrating Biodiversity through Culture’.

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