Aim to create a new category with Kent CamEye: Varun Gupta

Gupta, Director, Kent Ro Systems Ltd talks about venturing into automotive security systems, the marketing strategy and more

e4m by Shweta Raaj Singh
Published: May 27, 2019 7:26 PM  | 4 min read

Kent RO system, a water purifier brand, has introduced another vertical and forayed into automotive security market. 
exchange4media spoke to Varun Gupta, Director, Kent Ro Systems Ltd, who shared insights about how the security concern for his family especially his wife and children led Kent devise a new vertical called Kent CamEye, the brand’s marketing strategy carved for the new venture, and how they were armed to face the competition. 

On what led Kent to invest in automotive security systems, Gupta said it was the fear about his family’s security that made him venture into this.

“Every day we hear about incidents of violence against women and children while they are travelling outside their homes. Crime against women while travelling in public transport has been on a rise and it has become imperative to ensure their safety and security while they travel alone. KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind device that ensures the safety of children and women in driver-driven cars. It also facilitates in monitoring undisciplined driver behaviour such as AC misuse and over speeding.”

Personal cars is just one small segment for this kind of device with multi-functional benefits, Gupta said. “It should bring a paradigm shift in the way we look at the security of females in public taxis, safety of children in school buses, bringing in efficiencies in fleets of cars and trucks and various benefits in many other commercial vehicles,” he said.

Explaining the marketing strategy for the new vertical and taking competition head on, Gupta said, “The marketing strategy of the brand revolves around creating a new category in itself and thus make the established players in security systems incomparable. The new category creation poses certain challenges on its own, like establishing the need and credibility of the product and bringing the product into consideration set of consumers. All our marketing efforts are directed to put an end to these challenges.”

Throwing light on the digital marketing plan for the new venture in security systems, Gupta said the digital marketing initiatives are a part of omni-channel marketing and focuses on amplifying the message from TV/Print. “Also, we are leveraging the digital platforms to create enough intrigue for the product, which further translates into lead generation for our Direct Sales channel,” he added.

When asked how Kent has decided to advertise, position and market the new venture and the challenges faced, Gupta said Kent CamEye is being advertised across TV/Print/Digital. And in terms of positioning, he said, “The brand is positioned around fulfilling the need of safety for loved ones while they travel alone in a chauffeur driven car and the security of car from the misuse by driver. In terms of marketing challenge, it’s a new concept that we have come up with.

Many of us face these security concerns on a daily basis, but we can’t do anything about them. So, sensitizing the right audience about these regularly faced issues in chauffeur driven cars, in the right way, has been a challenge.”
Throwing light on the plans that Kent has regarding new ventures, Gupta said Kent CamEye Car is the very first model from the brand in the security domain and the company has a firm roadmap to launch a couple of new exciting products in the security domain in this financial year.

Emphasising on the need of having a celebrity to endorse the product, Gupta is of the idea that the fitment between the ethos of the brand and the ambassador is of utmost importance. He says, “It is very important to have the right brand ambassador endorsing the product.” And, when asked do the brand believe in influencer marketing, do online influencers play a big role in your digital marketing strategy, Gupta quips, “Yes, influencer marketing is central to our digital marketing efforts and we are working with a number of influencers across the domains of parenting, auto and technology.”

Lastly, sharing about how imperative it is for any brand to have branded content, Gupta said that creation of highly engaging & informative content and its amplification across the digital platforms is pivotal to our digital media strategy. It will help us to increase the brand awareness across digital platforms and create a buzz among the target audience.

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