AI enhances consumers’ experience and curates personalisation: Industry experts

At TechManch 2019, we spoke to industry heads on digital marketing trends and how brands can leverage from AI technology

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Updated: Jul 1, 2019 8:25 AM

On the sidelines of TechManch 2019 an exchange4media event technology, digital and marketing experts shared insights on digital marketing trends and how brands can benefit from them. There were insightful discussions on the digital platform and the speakers put forth well-researched case studies to show how Artificial Intelligence technology can help a brand. 

Exchange4media spoke to some of the speakers and panellists to get their insights on how brands can leverage from AI technology, how it can generate data from their consumers to create personalized content for them.  

Tamara McCleary, CEO, Thulium, stated machine learning will influence human beings to take a call to action. “Performance technology is collecting data on all of us. We each have AI in our pockets. So we are learning where people are, how consume information and how do they like to consume it. AI is giving us the ability to market to an individual instead of marketing to the many. It is that one on one personalization that gives the consumer that experience that connects them to the brand and generates trust”, commented McCleary.

Augmented Reality is a means to enhance the customer experience and customer engagement with the brand said Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi, CEO, Polycab. 

Suhail Sameer, CEO, RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, said that a lot of brands have already started this. “You need to define whom do you want to target and every brand has a certain TG in their mind. Like I want to reach out to a 20-year-old millennial. We need to understand their time behaviour online like what are they buying. AI tools can be used to figure out what their preferences are and target products specifically to them. A common trend in apparel is virtual trial rooms, its about getting people to actually feel like they are touching and wearing the product. This technology is used now by apparel companies, but I cannot imagine a day being very far where other sectors like food companies will use something like that”, remarked Sameer. 


Sabyasachi Mitter, Founder & Managing Director, Fulcro, said, “AI is an emerging technology. Brands need to understand that it won’t magically solve all their problems. Eighty five percent of customer questions can be answered very efficiently through bots. But if you look at the customer's journey through his sales process towards the end the customer becomes specific and individualistic. At that point in time, it has always been possible for a Bot to engage with so many forms and variations”, said Mitter. 

AI is the new buzzword in marketing said Clyde Nunes, Director, Sales, Truecaller. “How do we at Truecaller inculcate AI? We get a lot of data coming to us and what our teams use AI and machine learning for is to essentially draw out a look- alike of audiences. It was initially very difficult to record it manually. The amount of audiences that come in a day is massive. To actually go through that data and gain insights that brands can leverage from is a task. Once we have an algorithm in place we use AI to replicate and engage with more audiences”, he added. 

Atul Jalan, Founder, CEO, Managing Director, Manthan, said the application of AI can be applied to everything. “Brands can leverage a lot from AI. Brands have tried to guess from a lot of surrogates what the consumer wants. In terms of messaging, packaging and branding. AI has become a force because we have the ability to measure everything in terms of IOT, we are able to measure emotions. Therefore brands can understand the entire advocacy of branding at a data level”, he remarked.



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