20% of our business now comes from offline channels: Amisha Jain, CEO, Zivame

Zivame plans to strengthen focus on content and video creation to help simplify the lingerie buying journey

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Updated: Feb 6, 2019 8:12 AM  | 5 min read

Zivame, a lingerie brand was launched 7 years ago in the online marketplace, but now it has entered into the offline market place as well. The brand has plans to expand the business in Tier 1 towns. In a conversation with Amisha Jain, CEO, Zivame, spoke about the business upcoming plans, why the brand opted for omnichannel, marketing strategy and more.

What are the plans to increase the number of stores this year? Which markets will Zivame be focusing on the most?  

We want to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience and serve them through the channel of choice. Hence we entered offline through an omnichannel approach. Currently, we have 30+ stores looking to expand to 60+ in a years time. We will look to expand to all major malls and high streets with a special focus on Tier 1 cities. We will continue to build our offline presence in Trade – currently at 800+ outlets and in LFS while maintaining a leadership position in the online space.  

What's your marketing budget for this year and how much of it goes into digital marketing?  

We are a digital-first company and given our DNA, a large share of our voice is digital in nature. However, we do believe in all mediums of marketing and you will see some of that in the coming year.    

What is your revenue mix?  

Online continues to drive the largest share of our business. 80% of our business comes from online channels. Tier 1 cities contribute to a large share of our revenue – especially metros like NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc.

India is a diverse market, especially from a product offering point of view. How essential is it for a brand to innovate and expand products?

The Indian consumer is discerning, aware and aspirational. She is always looking for brands that cater to her needs and gives her a unique experience. Brands need to keep a finger on the pulse of the consumer and constantly innovate to remain relevant to their consumer segment. At Zivame, we are continuously engaging with our consumer to understand her changing lifestyle and intimate needs. Each woman is different, and we are looking to deliver products that she can choose from to solve for her intimate needs for various outfits, occasion, and moods.  

What marketing plans do you follow to compete with rival brands? How are you trying to create a niche position in the market?

At Zivame, we compete with ourselves every day. Our 'Fit-For-All' campaign reached out to 5+Mn consumers, we realized that there is a huge awareness gap in the lingerie category. Lingerie has always been the 'unmentionable' category, characterized by lack of conversations around it. Surprisingly, more than 80% of women are unaware of their correct size. At Zivame, we strive to innovate on products, constantly expanding our offerings to suit all body profiles while providing personalized recommendations. We use the same principle of accessibility and personalization in our approach to marketing. In 2019, we will continue to emphasize on traditional digital marketing, as we increase our presence on social media and content marketing. Our blogs and social media focus will be developing on informational and relatable content to simplify the consumer journey and help her navigate the lingerie category. We are expanding our brand to include the real faces behind our success - our consumers. So far, we have a built a community of 100+ micro-influencers. The endorsement from our own consumers is the best form of marketing. This campaign has had 2x the engagement as compared to our professional model-led campaigns. We’re are also expanding our reach to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities by building content which is vernacular and this more relatable, both online and offline. To further enhance our offline-reach, we are coming out with a substantial traditional marketing camping.    

What percentage of sales come from online?  

80% of our sales are from our online channels  

What is the road map for 2019? What new will we witness from the brand's side?

In 2019, we will increase on focus on content and video creation to help simplify the lingerie buying journey. We will continue our relentless pursuit of product innovation across categories and fortify our product suite and endeavour to serve all types of consumer needs. Lastly, we want to strengthen our omnichannel presence pan-India. Different customers not only have different shopping needs but also different channel preferences. Therefore, a key focus area is to increase our omnichannel presence, while providing a seamless experience across each channel. We are looking at expanding our retail presence from 32 outlets to 60+ in 2019, growing our MBO reach by 2-3X and exploring newer channels like MLM and social commerce. A crucial driver in our multi-channel expansion is AI enabled supply chain. We are further strengthening our demand forecasting and ordering through machine learning, while also pushing the envelope on warehouse automation.


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