JWT Coffee & Donuts: Who is planning for JOMO?: Shaziya Khan

Brands must seek opportunities to strengthen consumer relationships through JOMO

JWT Coffee & Donuts: The Future Of Digital Is Block Chain: Hareesh Tibrewala

Hareesh Tibrewala explains how Block Chain technology can help monetize your digital footprint, as per your own rules, instead of a 3rd party doing it

JWT Coffee & Donuts: What Digital Marketing is NOT: Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Mirum, says that creating a long format film and simply putting it on a digital channel is not digital marketing, it is far m...

JWT Coffee & Donuts: It’s time marketers took cognizance of Adultescence: Noor Samra

The Oxford Dictionary defines an Adultescent as “a middle-aged person whose clothes, interests, and activities are typically associated with youth cul...

JWT Coffee & Donuts: Why role-playing women is gender-bias by another name: Shujoy Dutta

In the last decade odd in Hollywood, it’s become important to ask whether films or TV serials pass the Bechdel test, says Dutta

JWT Coffee & Donuts: Women on Top: Tista Sen

Tista Sen, National Creative Director, JWT India, on what it takes to be a woman who has lived every aspect of life to the fullest

JWT Coffee & Donuts: The future is women (consumers): Mythili Chandrasekar

This word picture is based entirely on the emerging world as seen through J Walter Thompson Innovation Group’s The Future 100, annual trends update

JWT Coffee & Donuts: Unrestrained- How The woman narrative is righting itself: Bindu Sethi

One of the most defining moments in Indian story-telling paints a woman as a victim of patriarchy, aggression, and judgement. While the mythology cont...

Coffee & Donuts with JWT- Delightful reads and fresh perspectives to perk up your Mondays

exchange4media in association with J Walter Thompson South Asia, now presents Coffee & Donuts to give you a slice of #Mondaymotivation with some inter...

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