Indian Marketing Awards brings focus to the real world of marketing, says Josy Paul

Dainik Bhaskar Indian Marketing Awards, India’s first ever marketing awards, seek to recognise excellence in all marketing domains. On stake is a gold trophy in each category. Josy Paul, Head, rmg david states, “There are two categories that I think are unique and which I am looking forward to with great excitement: the new brand launch and brand re-launch. I’m sure the winners will help us grow in knowledge and creativity.”

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Updated: Aug 8, 2019 11:12 AM
Indian Marketing Awards brings focus to the real world of marketing, says Josy Paul

You thought it’s going to be yet another award ceremony? Well, you got it all wrong!

The Dainik Bhaskar Indian Marketing Awards is coming up with the country’s first ever recognition of talent in the marketing realm and spotlight initiatives taken on by brands, which have seen exceptional success in the marketplace. The core idea is to stimulate the spirit of excellence amongst marketers and the brands that they represent. The Awards would seek outstanding success stories as entries. An elaborate system of validation will verify the critical details of each story. A jury of eminent and credible peers will compare these on the basis of merit. The best performer in each category will be awarded a gold trophy.

Says Josy Paul, Head, rmg david, “The Indian Marketing Awards brings focus to the real world of marketing. I think it's a good idea to raise the bar for marketing, by institutionalising such awards. There are two categories that I personally think are unique and which I look forward to with great excitement. These are the new brand launch and brand re-launch. I am sure that the winners here will help us grow in knowledge and creativity.”

R Balakrishnan, National Creative Director, Lowe India, remarks, “Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant initiative from Dainik Bhaskar and exchange4media and one that holds many possibilities. Finally, you are giving the right guys their due. The client is the person who determines the success of any creative effort. It is the identification of his marketing problem, which leads to an apt advertising or communication solution. Are you trying to reverse a consumption habit? Are you trying to address a decline in sales? Are you trying to enter into competition territory? Are you attempting to change the perception associated with the product? If so, have you identified where your solution is going to emerge from? We require people who understand their business well. It’s only then that we can bring in some splendid creative solutions.”

He adds, “If done well, the Indian Marketing awards would be a significant first step. It is up to the organisers to ensure that the process is free and fair, and that it’s not just the big and well-known brands that make it to the podium and take a bow. The Indian Marketing Awards ought to address all brands universally and give equal opportunities to all.”

Ravi Deshpande, Head, Lemon Communications, asserts that any kind of an award ceremony is a positive step since it is aimed at giving talent its due, more so when it deals with the four P’s of marketing. Deshpande continues, “The initiation of a new award ceremony, especially one that addresses the marketing community and the achievements that have hitherto gone unnoticed, is indeed a positive step. I think that the Indian Marketing Awards comes as good news for the branding community; it has driven home the point that awards are not meant for advertising agencies alone. In a brand’s success, the biggest contribution obviously comes from those who are on the client’s side of the fence. Provided that the process of judging is free and fair, and there is some quality work that awaits judging, I would say that this initiative is destined to be a success.”

In our debut year 2004, Brand Communication is the chosen discipline for the additional awards. Each year, the Awards would focus on a specific marketing discipline, such as pricing, distribution, product innovation, customer care, promotion, etc. This focus would lend a thematic underpinning to the awards of that year.

So, the buzz is on, the ball is rolling, fasten your belts and get set for a journey that salutes talent of the best kind.

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