Sessions at Goafest 2018: Nifty mix of wit and insight

Goafest 2018 attendees comment on the two sessions on Day 1 - Baba Ramdev and Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO of Pepperfry

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Updated: Apr 6, 2018 4:25 PM

The carefully curated sessions on day 1 of the Goa Fest 2018 were designed to offer every insight, top tip and wise words to anyone hoping to make a career in the advertising industry.

Mitrajit Bhattacharya,
President & Publisher, Chitralekha Group

The most interesting thing was how Baba Ramdev was able to juxtapose a whole lot of business ideas especially in terms of marketing and domestically grown brands diversifying into multiple categories with the element of nationalism. He is a pretty amazing marketer in addition to what he does as a yoga guru. It was an amazing and entertaining session, but also with great learning. The fact that he wants to make every Indian healthy and wants to make India one of the healthiest nations in the country in the next 15 to 20 years – that struck a chord because I think that is the need of the hour and he got the pulse right.

Satyabrata Das,
Head - Strategic Alliances & Corporate Communication, Laqshya Group

The session by Kashyap Vadapalli of Pepperfry was great in terms of learning how a start-up can become so big in such a small amount of time. What comes to my mind is that they have worked with people at the ground level who have so far not been given opportunity and recognition in the area of carpentry and craftsmanship. That is exceptional.

Pradeep Dwivedi,
CEO, Sakal Media Group

The energy levels and the audience engagement by Baba Ramdev were exceptional. I was speaking to someone who doesn’t know Hindi at all, and he was equally fascinated about what he was saying. He just grabs every single opportunity and platform to communicate what he stands for and he did that wonderfully well. What really struck me was his comment on how easy it is to live life without a wife and children.

I Venkat,
Director, Eenadu

There were good insights on entrepreneurship from Kashyap Vadapalli and on how someone can make a brand bigger and leverage the opportunities for growth made available to them. They had some competition from Godrej Interio and had large, disorganized markets to work in. The studios were a great concept, which no one else could offer, so the touch and feel was an added advantage for the brand. Pepperfry will be one of the brands to look out for.

Ashish Sehgal,
COO, Zee Unimedia

Baba Ramdev’s session was perhaps the most interesting and entertaining, but I guess what he brings in is a lot of enthusiasm and motivation for people. The underlying lesson he wanted to impart was how to keep yourself motivated and fit. Nationalism is always his agenda too, which as an Indian, is praiseworthy.

George Sebastian,
Senior GM - Marketing, Mathrubhumi

The Baba Ramdev session was very entertaining, not just his story of how brand Patanjali was built, but also his commitment to the country. He spoke about the principles of marketing that were not learnt from a business or marketing school, but rather from experience. He said that the brand’s focus was not on profits but instead to create opportunities in rural areas, in the process making available products useful to people at a much lower cost. What made it very interesting was his live demonstrations of yoga asanas that can turn around your health.

Kartik Thakkar,
Digital Marketing Manager, Aditya Birla Health Insurance

The Baba Ramdev session was very informative and insightful into how a small start-up can scale up to such a big level that masses are talking about it. The funny thing was how he spoke about MNCs and how they showcase their products – for example, how soap is positioned as an item of desire by just showing actresses, without in fact talking product. The dig he took at Colgate’s ‘Does your toothpaste have salt’ tagline was great too!

Khushboo Shah,
Deputy General Manager – Marketing, Times Network

Kashyap Vadapalli of Pepperfry was very insightful in terms of understanding the kind of journey a start-up goes through right from conceptualizing the name and vision of the company to growing into such a big brand name. It was also great learning in terms of the sector, which is largely disorganized. In Baba Ramdev’s session, what really stood out was his confidence that he will achieve what he has set out to achieve despite the fact that he is competing with huge global brands. His ambition and plans for the brand Patanjali seem very well thought through and impressive. He was really inspirational.

Manal Salgaonkar,
Media Supervisor, Lodestar UM

Both the sessions today were very insightful. It was amazing to hear how Baba Ramdev has created a brand from scratch. We got a glimpse into the mind of the bearded man as he spoke wittily about his journey, while also showing the audience some of his trademark yoga poses.

Sumit Sengupta,
Ananda Bazaar Patrika

For me, Day 1’s highlight was Baba Ramdev’s session. Everything he said was fascinating. He has a brilliant sense of humour and it is his sense of humour that differentiates him from everybody else and makes him such an amazing speaker.

Aditya Swamy,
Industry Head, Google

I really liked Baba Ramdev’s session. He is one of the most spontaneous speakers ever. And really entertaining too!

Kashyap Vadapalli,
CMO and Head of New Business, Pepperfry

Baba Ramdev is obviously a highly knowledgeable person and one with a very strong intellect. All the jokes he was cracking were basically to come down to our level. His understanding of things and the way he reacts to things is at a whole different level and is very impressive.

Avinash Pandey,
COO, ABP News Network

Baba Ramdev’s session today was fascinating. What I liked the most was the fact that he was talking about having healthy competition. He also said taking care of one’s health is critical. Besides, he is a master entertainer.

Suresh Balakrishna,
CEO, South Asia and Middle East, Kinetic Worldwide

Baba Ramdev is an amazingly fascinating man. He is unique and a fantastic entertainer. A lot of what he said - be it about the basics of relationship-building or about the basics of marketing - made a lot of sense. He is a fantastic brand ambassador for Patanjali and he lives all the values of Patanjali.

Shreya Singh, ITC

The Baba Ramdev session today was completely different, because the things he said is not something you would expect from the sessions here. When he comes up on stage, he doesn’t have an agenda and he still says things that are completely different, things that will throw you completely off track. I really liked the bit when he said that every company making profit should also donate some of the profit. I don’t know how sustainable that is, but it’s a good thought.

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