Our role is to accelerate tools that will bring metaverse to life: Meta's Sandeep Bhushan

On Day 3 of Goafest 2022, the Director & Head of Global Marketing Solutions at Meta India said the next step in metaverse was how to build infra, capability and business context around it

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Published: May 9, 2022 8:49 AM  | 2 min read
Sandeep Bhushan

Metaverse has emerged as a disruptive tech idea that has the potential to redefine the global advertising and marketing industry. Sandeep Bhushan, Director and Head of Global Marketing Solutions (GMS) at Meta India, held forth on metaverse and its use cases in the advertising space on Day 3 of Goafest 2022.

According to Bhushan, the goal of Meta is to provide tools that will encourage the adoption of metaverse. He also said that Meta was working with multiple partners since no single company will have the ability to crack the metaverse code.

"Metaverse will require a clutch of technologies and a clutch of thinking on what it means because we are actually exploring another dimension. The list of partners will include multiple players because everyone will have an idea of how to make it better. Our goal is to accelerate all the tools that are needed to bring the metaverse to life," he said.

Bhushan pointed out that Meta has three tools that will help creators build the metaverse. Metaspark, he said, is a device on which any developer can create AR for enjoyment, business, or branding. The second tool is Horizon Worlds, which is a social VR experience, where one can create and explore together, and the third tool is the AR filter.

Bhushan also stated that metaverse has a strong use case in areas like Workplace, Inspiration, Gaming, Entertainment, and Online Shopping. "There are use cases where you want to be digitally immersed and not physically close," he said.

Asserting that the "path to metaverse is now given", Bhushan said the next step was how to build the infrastructure, capability, and business context around it.

According to him, the metaverse can be explained in merely three steps. Step 1 is ‘can I go on the other side of the screen’. Step 2 is ‘can you also join me’. Step 3 is ‘can we create a context’.

“Very conscious innovation is in the works to drive this, which is why we are getting lots of conversations. With conversations, concepts are being flashed out. Our current set of tools already tells us what can we do,” he averred.

Metaverse, Bhushan said, will feel one level more different on three axes - persistence, presence, and interoperability.

He also noted that Meta was guided by four responsible innovation principles - Never surprise people; Provide controls; Consider everyone; Put people first. "Fundamentals of any social platform are going to be around people," Bhushan concluded.

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