Goafest 2019: I will join politics if I get a contract of Rs 100 crore: Virendra Sehwag

The witty cricketer talks about his social media popularity, his take on the political scene in the country and more

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Updated: Apr 13, 2019 9:21 AM

The second day of Goafest 2019 saw some amazing personalities from the advertising, Bollywood and cricket worlds coming face to face with the audience. Cricketer Virendra Sehwag, in a light hearted-conversation with Times Network’s Principal Correspondent Swati Joshi, took the audience down memory lane when he used to play. The witty cricketer also talked about his social media popularity, his take on the political scene in the country and more.

“When I decided to retire, I planned to become closer to my fans through commentary or social media. I always relished the love that I used to get from the audience when I played cricket. So I thought of keeping that bond intact and that’s how I signed up on Twitter,” he said.

True to his style, Sehwag didn’t miss to entertain the audience during the session and shared interesting anecdotes from his life.

Spilling the beans on how he became ‘Mr. Popular’ on Twitter, the cricketer said “One fine day, I was sitting with my friends and we were talking about giving birthday wishes to a common friend. But I wanted to wish that friend in an unusual way. And that’s how I landed up tweeting funny birthday wishes. One of the most famous wishes that I still remember was the one for James Anderson. The wish was ‘Happy birthday to the second most famous Anderson after Pamela Anderson.’ It got the maximum likes and retweets.”

Speaking about the good old days from 2005 and 2006, Sehwag remembered how his mother and wife followed some superstitious rituals to improve his performance.

“I remember wearing Number 44 jersey, and those were the days when I was just doing okay on the fields. Then one day my mother went to see a priest and asked what should she do so that I perform better. The priest advised her to make me wear Number 46 jersey. I agreed to my mother’s wish, and trust me, nothing changed. Later, my wife who also believed in astrology, advised me to wear Number 2 jersey. I agreed. But again nothing much changed. But then ICC came out with a rule that a player can only choose one number. So I decided not to wear any number and things started to work out for me.”

Sehwag then spoke about the titles given to him by the media and his fans.

“I was often called ‘Najafgarh ka nawab’ and ‘Multan ka sultan’. I didn’t take them much seriously. I obviously appreciated the love, but I believed that let media and people do the talking and I should focus on bringing my team on the top.”

When asked about the elections and the party that he supports, Sehwag said, “I support the party that believes in taking fast decisions and giving full liberty to the army and the police.”

Also, I feel that the party that comes to power shouldn’t just think about its progress but should think about the country’s progress as well, he said.

Ending on a light note talking about why he isn’t joining politics, Sehwag said, “I have always signed contracts when I played for ICC or IPL or in fact now when I am doing a show for Star. I earn Rs 20 crore a year. If I get a contract of Rs 100 crore, I will definitely join politics.”

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