Customers want more and they want to be inspired: Achint Setia, Myntra 

At Goafest 2019, Setia, Vice President, Marketing, Myntra shares insights on how the platform uses machine-curated technology and AI 

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Apr 12, 2019 8:49 AM
Achint  Setia

At the 14th edition of Goafest, held at Grand Hyatt, Bandolim, Goa, Achint Setia, Vice-President, Marketing, Myntra spoke about how they build a relationship with their fashion-forward consumers. 

“It is about who we are and our product. India is still a very nascent fashion market. We still have a long way to go. We need to understand the customer and how we make them feel. We try to find those moments during the entire day. The brands that have won the hearts of the consumers are the ones who have actually told good stories. At Myntra, this is a fundamental factor in which we do our brand marketing and build an appeal with customers,” Setia said.  

Fashion, unlike any other category, is a very experiential category, he said. “When buying a smartphone, we look out for the features and then purchase the product. We actually want to experience the product and that is a very fundamental factor we follow at Myntra.” 

Any brand needs to ask these questions: 1. How do we need to build a relationship with our customers 2. How do we create curation for them that are actually experiential 3. How do we use technology in interesting ways and lastly beyond the product experience 4. How do we make the customers feel extra special so that they remember us.

Speaking about customers, Setia said that it's not just about what you are providing the customer with, it’s the context of how you are selling the product. “That is how we build loyalty with our customers. It is important to appreciate fashion with a context and how the customer deals with the context. After which we curate our products accordingly,” he added. 

“The customers want more and they want to be inspired. That’s how we decipher: How to wear, What to wear and When to wear. There is a strong technology behind this. On the Myntra platform, we keep a lookout on what the customer purchases and then we match the choices and come out with new runs of fashion. This is all done with a machine-curated technology and AI. We are licensing this technology with a lot of our partners,” Setia explained.

“We have integrated our customers to tell stories about their personality and this is another way we have used technology to connect with our customers,” he said. 

“The customer needs to feel special. It is about experiences and discovery because fashion is a lot about discovery,” Setia remarked. “There are standard aspects like having a democratic programme, how people engage with the platform Myntra and how they get more curated results. Our metrics that is generated is not just for Myntra but for our partners as well.” 
Talking about experiences, Setia said: “People are looking for all kinds of experiences and what is the next brand they can adopt and the next look they can get. This is something we try to look after on a daily basis. Myntra is a house of a collection of brands from across the world, we are also looking forward to telling stories of our customers that are special and can inspire people to purchase that particular brand.” 

At the base level, Myntra is all about trends but it also about context, he said. “At the end of the day, it's putting out products that are applicable to the consumer from the Myntra brand and the fashion world, creating experiences for the consumer, adding technology to create curated content and lastly inspiring the customers with the content we put out,” concluded Setia. 

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