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We are focussing on mobile, which is where we get most of our traffic: Zairus Master,

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We are focussing on mobile, which is where we get most of our traffic: Zairus Master,, the online job portal, has some important news in store and that’s the launch of their new online venture - shine learning. In an interview with exchange4media, Zairus Master, CEO shared his insights on how technology has driven to be the most important tool in today’s era.

How are you trying to compete in a highly saturated space?
Well, what I personally believe is that space is not saturated but it is evolving at this point in time. We see a huge growth potential largely happening on account of the fact that skilling and re-skilling is becoming important. Secondly, if we talk about how we differentiate ourselves, I would like to give you an example. If you look at the market essentially what you have largely are people who are pure-play professionals skill guys. In our case what makes us different is that we are a job site as well as a skills site.
We, at Shine, are able to detect it because we are in touch with thousands of recruiters and we have got the analytics to actually determine that. So we are able to determine skills and who are the best people who can acquire that skill. We can impart that skill to them and we will circulate it out with a job. So our line of differentiation comes from here- that it’s not about skills, but also about identifying the skills, getting skilled and getting a job after that.

What have been your key learnings in this short span of time?
At this point in time, we are the strong contender in the market. We’ve been gaining a lot of traffic share in the market and have reached the position of number two. Now that happened on the account of the fact that we are acquiring better recruiters and candidates on the side. Now we are giving the twist which is that it’s not just the number of candidates so it’s not the mad race to have the maximum number of candidates but it’s all about having value added skilled candidates. So be it data science, be it marketing analytics or digital marketing at this point in time there are not enough people to fulfill those positions. When you come to, you find those people because they have been already skilled by shine learning. So that’s what we have achieved in our journey so far and we hope to get better with time.

With coming of social media and other active platforms, has it impacted the business/traffic in any way?
More importantly, I think the big shift that is happening is actually happening on mobile. So today majority of our traffic comes on mobile and that’s the part we have really been focusing on. So if you go to access shine learning through your mobile you’ll actually see the difference. It’s a mobile-first site in the sense that we have built the site thinking about the mobile user given the fact that such a large traffic of ours comes from mobile. If we talk about social media, one manifestation of social is Facebook or LinkedIn but that’s what not social is limited to. In the context that we are speaking, user ratings, well that’s social too. So if we are going to buy any course out there, it’s important for me to understand what people like me are saying. So that’s the other aspect of social. As far as information is concerned, we do keep running campaigns on all social platforms and that’s where we get talked about.

How do you develop a winning Go To Market (GTM) strategy for your firm?
Well, we are looking at a 360-launch using print, radio, outdoor, influencer and content marketing, digital marketing. Since our core TG is working professionals, we also intend to do activations at select corporate parks.

How are you using pick-data for effective targeting?
I think there has been different manifestations of the whole piece of automation. Today we have reached a stage where whatever manual task is done, at some stage it’s automated. But now we are saying that’s not enough and looking forward on date, things etc. lot of things are moving towards intelligent automation, that would be the next level and that’s where data science plays a huge role. So if we look at it in the space of marketing, earlier we had offline marketing which was a one-way medium. Then came digital, where communication started where I could look at leads, I could say what is the purpose of this person. You can keep a track on everything. It could be that a certain keyword is resulting in very little leads but it is actually resulting in massive conversions. So a whole lot of plethora of skills are available under analytics and that’s what is essentially helping us. As we have more and more data and we are able to save more and more data etc we are look at trends, are able to look at distinct pieces of information and see how that’s going to help us as far as our work is concerned.

So what are you hoping to achieve in the next three years?
I think the most important thing that we want to achieve is firmly establishing shine learning as a place for professional skills because we have the knowledge.

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