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Guest Column: Binary to Biometric...a story begins: Milind Pathak COO, Madhouse South Asia

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Guest Column: Binary to Biometric...a story begins: Milind Pathak COO, Madhouse South Asia

Technology is rewriting our lives and wearable tech stands at the forefront of this radical change and 2016 has many things in store in the field of wearable technology writes Milind Pathak, COO, Madhouse South Asia.

"I guess we're all pretty disabled on the cosmic scale. What difference is a few muscles more or less?” Prof. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21. His loss of speech was replaced by a computer program called Equalizer that allowed him to communicate by selecting words from a series of menus on a screen. Today the world owes Stephen Hawking a standing ovation for his contributions in the field of cosmology, general relativity and quantum gravity that makes him the power chair scientist.

Mobility aids have leapfrogged from supplementing daily chores on just mobile devices to becoming wearable tech that can complement our lives and 2016 will be the advent of ‘Livable’ tech.

Tech My Life

We know Fitbit tracks our day, but Luna (Fight), a smart mattress concept, tracks and learns sleep patterns thereby adjusting room temperatures and luminosity to give better nights for better days.

Ralph Lauren, the luxury apparel brand is testing the ‘The Polo Tech Shirt’ that tracks and streams real-time workout data directly to smartphone or tablet. The future is at a conjunction of fashion technology.

The latest FOVE headset not just puts one into a game like any other VR experience but also uses player’s retina movement to serve real time game play instances that challenge limits.

“The Social Shot” is a mobile bartending-robot that mixes drinks based on Facebook profile data using personality traits from psychology’s ‘Big Five’ factor model.

Tech To Transform 
Pro Glove is a sensor based professional gear that enables its wearer to work faster, more accurately and more efficiently, thereby reaching higher levels of control and business intelligence for production management.

Nokia OZO is the world’s first professional virtual reality camera, a 360 degree camera that takes 3D movie making to newer heights.

Tech Do Good

A Brainwriter headgear helps a graffiti artist to create his work, while trapped inside a body with non-functioning limbs.

Disney AR coloring books brings to life the characters in children’s drawing books.

And Google Cardboards is paving a new way for education with scalable learning solutions making learning interactive

All these devices seamlessly converting personal information into user insights as well as graphs and charts of behavior analysis that help marketers reach the right audience with the right communication

But With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Advancements in technology have always inspired and moulded marketing efforts. While ‘programmatic buying’ was the buzzword in 2015, ‘audience buying’ is finding consent for optimum utilization of inferred data in the year ahead. Today, ad networks know exactly when to stop wasting their time and impressions on audiences with the help of attribution analytics that narrow down market indexing to decision cycle. In-game banners are now replaced by branded gaming elements to seed brand engagement at a sub conscious level.

Brand creatives and imagery now have KPI’s of SPONT and TOM running on them, while offers and communications are being customized for defined segment groups, thereby talking to audiences in receptive mindsets and empathetic tone.

While smartphone penetration rises in India, by Dec’2017, I predict 400 million smart phones in India. The rural part of the country is being addressed through innovative voice media engagements riding on edutainment and infotainment concepts. Thus reaching out to a third of the country with preliminary solutions doing ground work for getting users accustomed and comfortable to using technology                                                                                             

We are at the epicenter of what will be known as the “Connected Age”

Having embarked upon this new horizon, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the intelligence and knowledge of data brought in by technology. Because it gives us insights into the customer’s life, as digital marketers it’s our responsibility to practice marketing disciplines that respect boundaries of personal and inferred information.

If Prof Harald Haas’s vision for LiFi “Light carrying data” becomes a reality, it will create an eco-system of transferring huge amounts of data via connected devices at lightning speed all the while running real time algorithms mining that data and reaching out to the customer with not just his presence but also preference.

So now is the time to ask yourself, do you see the light yet?

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