“We need to embrace social media’s paradigm shift”

Social media is changing the way people interact but there is need for regulations to check its misuse, says I&B Minister Manish Tewari

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Updated: Dec 7, 2012 7:28 PM
“We need to embrace social media’s paradigm shift”

Social networking has become one of the basic necessities for many today, and like a lot of things, there are good and bad aspects to it.

“For an author who needs social networking to connect with people, it is amazing,” remarked author Chetan Bhagat. But according to him, there is a part of social media which is not clean. “We should criticize those people who do wrong things using social media,” he added.

Coming out strongly against government censor on social media, Bhagat emphasised, “You can’t regulate social media because there is no such technology available. The most dangerous thing that is coming in our country is that we are thinking of censoring social media; there is a difference between condemning something and declaring it criminal.”

Though social activist Kiran Bedi agrees with Bhagat’s point of view to some extent, she supports some laws and policies in place. Bedi said, “Cyber world has become a real world today and has changed the idea of work on paper. It will be beneficial for us if we recognise it soon. We have formed laws, but the ecosystem for social media in the laws is lacking and is half baked at the most.”

She further said, “We need to establish one media policy, which stresses on three Es – Establish, Educate and Enforce. Social media policy is much needed and it must be accurate and clear.”

While Information and Broadcasting Minster Manish Tewari praises social media, he also wants some amendments in it. He maintained that social media is neither amazing nor is it a trouble, “it’s just an innovation of science and all of us should welcome this technology”. He remarked, “I don’t think there are only 852 broadcasters in the country, with all these social media users, I think there are 852 million broadcasters in the entire country.”

He also highlighted the misuse of this new media and what should be done to the person who has done something wrong. The Minister said, “We shouldn’t fight with social media as it’s the voice of the ordinary man, but we should go after those who misuse it. The Government doesn’t want to control or regulate social media, but shouldn’t we have a remedy if hurt is caused?”

Manish Tewari, Kiran Bedi and Chetan Bhagat were sharing their views on the topic ‘Social Media, Kamaal ya Zanzaal’ at Agenda Aaj Tak, held in New Delhi on December 6, 2012.

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