We don’t provide static solutions to all clients: CPO, MainAd

Larraine Criss on the launch of MainAd's flagship proprietary technology, Logico by partnering with Google and how they are going to expand in and explore the Indian market

Anam Khan 22-March-2018

MainAd is an advertising technology company that specializes in global display and retargeting ad campaigns. Founded in 2007, it is a privately held company that services international brands across 80 markets.

In an interaction with exchange4media, Larraine Criss, Chief Product Officer, MainAd, discussed how they are going to expand in and explore the Indian market at the launch of its flagship proprietary technology, Logico. She also spoke about their partnership with Google in developing Logico. Excerpts:

What was MainAd's vision behind developing the proprietary flagship product, Logico?

The business we’re doing is based on Programmatic and Performance. We have been working with other DSPs in the past. We saw what was both good and bad and together, based on the market and our company needs, we created something out of scratch to bring our needs together to operate better than before.

Earlier, it was really hard for us to work separately in different SPs. That is how one of our co-founders developed a system in-house that could meet our needs. This is how Logico was born.

What kind of business efficiency did Logico bring to MainAd?

As I told earlier, it's an in-house technology. We can have all the functionalities that we need, how we want to buy and optimize. We control everything, especially the algorithms. Earlier it was not like that and we followed the algorithm of a solution provider in the ad exchange. Now it's us, so we have full control of our technology.

Logico has already been introduced globally. What are your expectations from the Indian market?

The Indian market for us is mature but still emerging. Historically, we know that MainAd is really good at tapping such emerging markets. So, India is huge and it’s a unique market for us as it has a unique culture and way of doing things.

Talking about our product Logico, we are also new but we know that the Indian e-commerce market is directly dependent on performance. Now with Logico, we are more confident that we can compete in the market.

Still new in the market, how would you differentiate Logico from competitors?

Our competitors work exclusively for their clients. We don't compete but we offer an enhancement to the digital advertising clients without the risk. Our competitors don't offer that but they ask their clients to work with them exclusively. We don't do that because we know we are adding value to the client.

We don't need exclusivity. We just want our clients to let us work with them as a partner.

One more important factor that distinguishes us from our competitors is tailoring, or you could say the customization of services that we provide. It may not fulfil huge corporation needs, it's a small-medium system and that's the way we want to be. That's our identity and we are very proud of that.

We build the strategy and products around our client's needs. We are not very commercialized and we don't provide a static solution to all clients because we provide a specific solution to each client. We are more flexible, maybe because we are not that big and we want to serve the client on how they need to be served.

Could you share some insights on the R&D which has gone behind developing Logico?

Logico is equipped with our first machine learning model which is more about sales prediction. It's not only unique in the Indian market but also across the industry. After generating a sale, everyone wants to know when this user should buy the product again and what kind of product should we propose to this user.

For example, our oldest clients here in India, Firstcry, faced the problem of how can they have specific timings to promote the product to a specific user. So, they created a lot of segmentation but it didn't work. With the help of machine learning in Logico, we know what our customers need. It’s still developing but already tested. The capacity to know when this buyer should buy again and what specific product is suitable for the particular client is what we are looking forward to as a company.

We have our product and tech team and the one thing unique about Logico is that the R&D team is a combination of different teams. A typical R&D team consists of an engineer but our team is represented by different departments like people from the product or commercial team. Our team consists of engineers from India and the development and execution of a product are done by our team in Trivandrum.

Please give us a brief overview of the partnership with the Google to develop Logico.

Google apps are open source which is hard and has its own setbacks. It is not always perfect and you have to do a lot of research. Your team will be left behind if it doesn’t fasten up to do research. Google really helped us here. Sometimes, when we have issues or are struggling we need to resolve that because we are developing something out of scratch. But the challenge is not to stop the operations. We need to improve without shutting down the operations. We like to work in real time. We always test our product that we are working on in real time. Google Cloud platform is a server-less technology, which means it does not require hardware. When we understood that we are going towards the direction of having our own product, we interacted in the real time marketplace. We understood that if we have to develop this internally, it will take a long time and would be very costly.
So this is how we let Google do what they do best so that we can concentrate on our best.

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Magzter: 50 million downloads and counting

Magzter brings together more than 10,500 trusted sources of content from more than 50 countries

exchange4media News Service 12 hours ago


Magzter, the digital magazine news-stand, has now crossed 50 million downloads, which is a phenomenal achievement by any yardstick. This humongous feat has become possible due to Magzter's consistent efforts in introducing innovative new features every month to attract new users across the globe.

In addition to Magzter's iOS and Android apps, Magzter also powers more than 7,000 magazine apps of renowned publishers on App Store and Google Play. Magzter's catalog of 10,500+ magazines from 4,000+ publishers is undoubtedly the largest and most diverse collection, which spreads across 40+ categories and 60+ languages.

While a recent study revealed that fake news spreads 70% quicker on social media, it has become extremely difficult for the common man to identify and neglect such misleading information.

Magzter brings together more than 10,500 trusted sources of content from more than 50 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, India, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Philippines, and Turkey, thereby acting as the one-stop solution for keeping people updated on all the latest happenings across the globe.

Magzter ensures that its users get timely information on their favorite topics from the most renowned and dependable sources, which ultimately saves the time and energy of users. Magzter started curating articles from best-selling magazines couple of years back, and it became an instant hit among the readers. Soon after launching articles, Magzter introduced ezRead 2.0, which presented magazine pages in responsive layouts that are automatically optimized for any size screen – smartphones as well as tablets. Magzter GOLD, the 'All-You-Can-Read' subscription model which offers unlimited access to 5,000+ magazines and premium articles at one low price, has been attracting thousands of new readers every month.

Magzter has also been conducting exciting contests to motivate more readers to take up digital reading. Such innovative strategies from Magzter have been instrumental in crossing the 50 million download mark. With its latest GPS-based offering – Smart Reading Zone, which provides unlimited access to thousands of best-selling magazines and curated premium articles for any location instantly, Magzter is increasingly becoming the preferred digital reading partner of hundreds of airports, hotels, restaurants, malls, clubs, libraries, corporates, educational institutions, and other commercial entities. By encouraging millions of people to read digitally, Magzter has so far saved 221,000+ trees and other natural resources, thereby playing an active role in fostering green revolution.

Speaking on the development, Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc. said, "At Magzter, it has been a dream journey so far for us and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our publishers, users and other strategic partners, who have been offering their unflinching support to us over the years. Kudos to the team at Magzter for giving their best every single day, without which this feat could not have been achieved! There are more than 1.5 Billion readers who still consume print magazines globally and we believe Magzter will be their reading destination of choice as they look for digital reading options.”.

Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc. added, “We are ecstatic to know that we are trusted by over 50 million users across the world to fulfill their reading needs. This feat has increased our responsibility and we will continue to push our boundaries to take Magzter to new audiences and geographies. We are quite confident that we will the hit the 100 million user mark soon.”


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Sakal Media, Amazon enter exclusive partnership this festive season

This is the first time in Sakal’s 87-year-old history that regional Diwali editions will be launched exclusively through Amazon

exchange4media News Service 20 hours ago

sakal media group logo

Sakal Media Group (SMG) has signed an exclusive agreement with the e-commerce giant Amazon.in, which will help the group expand their readership base throughout the world. Subscription-based purchases can be made exclusively through Amazon.in and also Sakal Publication website (sakalpublications.com).


“Digital media is a large driver of change. And through this festival period, we are exploring how the emerging potential of e-commerce can be utilised to expand the reach of Diwali Ank, which has been traditionally limited to our readers that we can reach through traditional channels. Through this exclusive deal with a giant like Amazon, we will be able to reach out to Marathi readers across India and the world. The idea is also about disseminating good people stories and this opens scope to look at podcasts and other digital formats which we would like to explore,” said Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO of Sakal Media Group.


Emphasising from the reach point of the view for advertisers, Dwivedi added, “The advertisers and the media buying agencies recognise the kind of evolved relationship we have with our readers in Maharashtra and beyond. This partnership on our offerings further widens our reach and opens up doors to promote products and brands in wider geographies.”


The regional languages press in India has an age-old tradition of publishing special issues during the festive season. Leading Marathi publishers have  brought out Diwali Ank for over a century and Sakal has been an important leader of this tradition. Sakal Publications publishes a total of 19 Diwali Issues across Maharashtra, which include six major offerings:


Shabdadeep: This a leading thought-product in Diwali Ank. The 2018 edition explores the theme, ‘Idea of India’ and includes travel stories and experiences. The festive issue will feature memories of eminent personalities from the background of art, culture, and literature. Stories and poems are also an additional attraction in this.


Saptahik Sakal: Running successfully for over three-and-half decades, this year’s theme explores travel to learn, and it includes experiences of people from various age groups.


Agrowon: It’s an extended part of Agrowon, the world’s first agricultural daily. The Diwali edition will celebrate stories of farmers, who have successfully established farm practices to overcome issues of farm labourers.


Tanishka: This is a magazine targeted towards women and has been successful for the past 12 years. The Diwali theme explores women and her purse. Women from various parts of Maharashtra and across professional spectrum will be featured through stories. There will also be success stories of farm widows, Kashmiri half widows, etc. TV and film personality, Ekta Kapoor will be interviewed for the 2018 special issue.


Premier: Apart from the inside news and the popular views from the glitzy world of the Indian film industry, the editorial feature for the Diwali ank is 100 years of the censor board. There’s also a special story on the making of the award-winning 1982 movie, Gandhi, to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.


Sarkarnama: This is a new addition to Sakal’s Diwali Ank. Sakarnama is the most popular Marathi political web portal and its first ever print version is in the form of Diwali Ank. The key attraction is a survey analysing voters for 2019. There is also a special feature on tomorrow’s influential young leaders. The magazine touches upon political news and experiences of the popular leaders.


The products are available on the following links:


Shabdadeep: https://goo.gl/cx1qwe

Saptahik Sakal: https://goo.gl/sejchP

Sarkarnama: https://goo.gl/ARXoZ5

Agrowon: https://goo.gl/RBPfPn

Tanishka: https://goo.gl/mL7vuN

Premier: https://goo.gl/8wjM



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YouTube goes down across the globe for around 1 hour

During the outage, YouTube users were not able to login, upload or watch content on the platform.

exchange4media News Service 20 hours ago


YouTube suffered an outage on Wednesday morning, with the users seeing error messages while trying to login. The video platform, however, rectified the problem soon and was back up within around an hour.

According to reports, during the outage the users were not able to login, upload or watch content on the platform.

YouTube did not give any reason for the problem but did acknowledge the outage with a tweet, apolozising for the problem and thanking users for their patience.

Following the sudden crash of the Google-owned site, #YouTubeDOWN soon became one of the top trends on Twitter India then.  


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Myntra-Jabong CMO and CSO to exit end of this year

Ananth Narayanan, CEO of Myntra-Jabong will continue to head Jabong, and Manohar Kamath, CXO & Chief of Myntra Fashion Brands will take over as interim Head of Categories

exchange4media News Service 22 hours ago

Gunjan soni Myntra Jabong

According to media reports, in an email circulated within the organisation by Ananth Narayanan, CEO of Myntra-Jabong, it said that the Chief Marketing Officer of Myntra and Head of Jabong, Gunjan Soni, and Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Categories of Myntra, Ananya Tripathi, have decided to leave the organisation. Both will continue to work till the end of this year. 

Narayanan wrote in the email, “Gunjan has played a key role in firmly positioning the brand Myntra as the leading destination for fashion and lifestyle. Ananya has played a key role in strategy and made five successful acquisitions, including Jabong.” 

Narayanan will continue to head Jabong, working closely with the teams on a daily basis. Manohar Kamath, CXO & Chief of Myntra Fashion Brands will take over as interim Head of Categories along with his current portfolio.

According to sources in the media report, Soni is going to work at Singapore-based online fashion company Zalora as its CEO, whereas Tripathi will join a global investment firm KKR as an operating partner.

Only a few months ago, retail giant Walmart invested $16 billion in Flipkart, the parent company of Myntra and Jabong. Walmart recently transferred four of its senior leaders to Flipkart Group, including Walmart’s M&A Head Emily McNeal who joins as Senior Vice President and Group Chief Financial Officer. Earlier this year, Myntra announced its plans to launch 100 stores in the next two years while continuing to push their in-house brands. 


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NDTV and Airtel launch live channel for smartphones

Available on the Airtel TV app, NDTV Hop will offer Airtel users exclusive content ranging from Bollywood movies, news, pop culture, fashion, technology, auto and online shopping

exchange4media News Service 23 hours ago


Mobile phone giant Airtel and television network NDTV have collaborated to launch a live channel, NDTV Hop, which will cater specifically to smartphones. The channel, which is available on the Airtel TV app, will offer users exclusive content ranging from Bollywood movies, news, pop culture, fashion, technology, auto and online shopping.

The app will be available on both iOS and Android on: https://hop.live.

Speaking about the collaboration, media reports quoted Sameer Batra, Chief Executive, Content and Apps, Bharti Airtel, as saying that their deep understanding of customer’s content consumption preferences coupled with NDTV's expertise is sure to create an enjoyable experience for users.

“We are delighted to join hands with NDTV to launch the world’s first live channel for smartphones. Today’s tech-savvy millennial wants to consume digital content on the go and our tie-up with NDTV is aimed at facilitating just that," he reportedly said.

Suparna Singh, Group Chief Executive Officer, reportedly said that the  partnership with Airtel would allow them to "use to dream potential the possibilities of digital and telecom technology."

"We know younger users want great content on the small screen. This is original content for them, not replicated or ported from other platforms. It’s very exciting to be rolling this out at this time in India,” Singh reportedly said. 


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Look at everything from data privacy lens to act responsibly: CVL Srinivas

WPP held its first ever 'Date with Data' meet in Mumbai on Tuesday to decode issues including user privacy, case studies, data mining, and insights leading to award winning creatives

exchange4media News Service 22 hours ago

date with data

WPP brought together industry leaders to discuss the data conundrum at its first 'Date with Data' meet held in Mumbai on Tuesday. Among the major themes discussed during the day were data protection, using data in various innovative ways, tapping into consumer data for e-commerce, and leveraging data to derive creative inspiration. 
In his opening remarks, WPP India Country Manager, CVL Srinivas said that the community needs to act responsibly with regard to data. “The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates that data is not leveraged without explicit consumer consent. GDPR puts the consumer in the driver's seat of control, enabling when, where and by whom, his or her data can be leveraged. When GDPR went live, businesses all over Europe had to re-engineer the way they handled data, to regain consent from every individual, in order for that data to be used in marketing, analytics or insights,” he said. 
“In India, we have an advantage where actually, on the ground floor of this change, if we can get our fundamentals right, we'll be better prepared. Let's discuss how we should look at everything in data from a data privacy, or “DP” lens, so that we all can act responsibly," he said, setting the agenda for the day.

Expressing concerns over what the implementation of data protection regulations could mean for marketers in India, Shuvadip Banerjee, VP Marketing Services, ITC Limited, said, “We do not know how much of our ‘golden records’ will remain golden.” Siddharth Banerjee, EVP, Marketing, Vodafone, also noted that the enriched data which has been very useful to marketers in drawing insights might take a hit. “The era of the Wild Wild West is over,” he said alluding to the impunity with which consumer data has been used so far. Banerjee said that rewarding customers to share their data would be one way to extract data in the future. 

In a panel discussion on ‘Connected Commerce’, Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO, Pepperfry, and Sanjay Suri, CTO, Nykaa, shared innovative and counter-intuitive case studies of tapping into consumer data collected online to actually shape offline activities like deciding where to locate stores and warehouses. Another person who truly wowed the audience was Vikas Agnihotri, Country Director, India Sales, Google. Agnihotri listed numerous examples of using online data to inform offline business activities. Google has worked with the government to zero in on locations for the next 30 airports based on tickets searched online and where those searches are originating from. Google is also working with Big Bazaar to decide the locations of the retailers next 9000 stores. Interestingly, Google’s data mining has shown that Big Bazaar does not need 9000 stores, but can actually make do with 6600 strategically placed stores for maximum ROI.

Later in the day, a panel comprising Gauravjeet Singh, Head Media, South Asia, Unilever; Vasuta Agarwal, VP and GM, South Asia, InMobi; Rahul Gautam, VP Marketing, Ford India; Karthik Sharma, CEO South Asia, Wavemaker and moderator Sunder Muthuraman, CEO and Global Chief Client Officer, Kantar Analytics, discussed audience planning and the most appropriate and effective ways to use a Data Management Platform. The panel concurred that every marketer needs a DMP which could either reside with the marketer, with the agency or a partner like InMobi, but there is no two ways about having a DMP. 

Finally, after a day loaded with the discussion on the science and math of data, it was the turn of the creative minds in the room to throw light on how they use data to kindle creativity. Kainaz Karmakar, CCO, Ogilvy West, noted that a mere data point about the how likelihood of a child dying due to diarrhoea or a respiratory disease is connected to hand washing habits, leading her and her team to design a huge campaign for ITC Savlon. The campaign went on to win the Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. 

Aditya Swamy, Head - Agency Partnerships, Google, noted that while data is being used to inform creativity, it is the coupling of data with environmental data that can really sway a campaign and take it to the next level. 

“I'm sure you will start joining the “data dots” to see a bigger and more beautiful picture emerge at the end of the day," said Srinivas at the start of the sessions. We couldn't agree more. 


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Foodpanda acquires Holachef

Foodpanda will take over Holachef’s business including its kitchens, equipment, as well as bring onboard the company’s employees

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago

foodpanda delivery

Foodpanda has completed the acquisition of Mumbai-based food-tech venture Holachef. Through this collaboration, Foodpanda marks its strategic entry into cloud kitchens and plans to launch its own brand of food products in different categories.


Pranay Jivrajka, CEO of Foodpanda India, said, “At Foodpanda, we are committed to building for unique local tastes and palate choices of the Indian consumer. Through the Ola platform, we also have an unmatched access to over 150 million customers and an understanding of their preferences. We have been able to bring an enhanced experience for millions of customers over the past year. We aim to build India’s largest cloud kitchen network that will be a major step in further elevating the food experience for our customers. I am delighted to welcome the Holachef team on board and look forward to their joining us in our mission of delivering superior food experiences to a billion Indians.”


Saurabh Saxena, Co-founder of Holachef, said, “Our mission with Holachef is to serve incredible food experiences to customers through kitchens with the highest quality & hygiene standards. We are delighted to join hands with Foodpanda, to accelerate our mission. We are thrilled to be part of Foodpanda’s and Ola’s passionate team that is truly changing the food experience for a billion Indians!”


As part of the acquisition, Foodpanda will take over Holachef’s business including its kitchens, equipment, as well as bring onboard the company’s employees. Holachef’s founders are set to join Foodpanda’s leadership team.


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The Maddies 2018 jury meet focuses on impact to select winners

The jury meet on Monday was led by Ajay Srinivasan, Chief Executive, Aditya Birla Capital

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago


The Maddies, exchange4media group's annual awards property that honours the best work in mobile advertising, is back. On Monday, the jury, led by Ajay Srinivasan, Chief Executive, Aditya Birla Capital, screened through 180 entries, on the basis of concept, innovation and execution, to select the winners. But the main focus was impact and the results.


The other members in the jury were Nandan Srinath, Director Response at The Times Group; Kavita Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing & Executive Committee Member, ITC Limited, (Foods Division); Asha Kharga, Chief Marketing Officer, Axis Bank; Gurmit Singh, Dauwau Global; Kaacon Sethi, Chief Corporate Marketing Officer, Dainik Bhaskar Group; Dippak Khurana, Co-founder and CEO, Vserv; Ramakrishnan Laxman, Head of Digital Business, ABP LIVE; Rameet Arora, COO and Head of Digital, HT Digital Streams; Abdul Khan, CEO, 4 Marketing Technology Venture; Anshul Punhani, Chief Marketing Officer-APAC and Gulf, Monster; Navin Khemka, CEO, South Asia, Mediacom; Abraham Alapatt, President & Group Head - Marketing, Service Quality, Value Added Services & Innovation, Thomas Cook; Kedar Teny, Head - Marketing & OAP – Sports, Sony Pictures Networks; and Harshit Desai, Director – Customer & User Experience, Management Consulting, KPMG.

The winners were selected through an extensive selection process. Jury members independently inspected each entry and rated them based on their respective judging criteria.

Talking about the meet, Srinivasan shared that he was fortunate to be with “smart people with great experience and understanding of both the marketing space as well as the mobile marketing space.” He said he was impressed with the entries.


Talking about the entries further, he said, “The entries were a mixed bag; both cutting-edge and some which could have been better. I think we should get a little sharper in defining the entries. Some entries figured in too many categories. So we needed to be sharper with which category the entries were into. It was a very efficient jury process. We were able to easily identify the winners,” he mentioned.

According to Rameet Arora, the quality of entries in the ‘gender equality’ category was truly outstanding, educative and empowering.  
“We had a tough time judging it,” he said. He added, “The conversations in the jury and our ability to separate the wheat from the chaff to pick out the deserving winners were quite fantastic.”

Maddies will be held on October 31.


For more details, click here: https://e4mevents.com/the-maddies-awards-2018/


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Reliance to soon acquire controlling stake in Hathway, DEN: Reports

Reports say that RIL is likely to own more than 25 per cent each in the two companies, giving it the ability to control developments and get a seat on the board

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago

mukesh ambani

Reliance Industries is soon expected to buy controlling stakes in what are two of India’s largest cable TV and broadband service providers, Hathway Cable & Datacom and DEN Networks, say media reports. The move comes at a time when  RIL is all set to ramp up coverage of Jio GigaFiber. 

Reports say that RIL is likely to own more than 25 per cent each in the two companies, giving it the ability to control developments and get a seat on the board. The deal is expected to be announced in the next few days. Both companies have told the stock exchanges that the respective boards are meeting on October 17 to discuss and approve a proposal for raising funds.

With an aim to reach 50 million homes across 1100 cities, Reliance Jio is exploring business opportunities with several MSOs in order to launch it's Gigafiber Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Service in India.

“Reliance Jio was facing problems to roll out its broadband. Since these MSOs have good reach in particular regions, it will be easier for Jio to launch and reach their target audience,” said a senior industry executive to e4m on Monday, October 15. 

On July 5, at Reliance Industries Limited’s 41st AGM, Mukesh D Ambani announced the launch of Jio Giga Fiber, an ultra-high speed fixed line broadband service, for homes and enterprises with a target to reach 50mn homes across 1100 cities. Jio Giga Fibre service will offer ultra high-definition entertainment on large screen TVs, multi-party video conferencing from your living room, voice-activated virtual assistants, virtual reality gaming, digital shopping and immersive experiences.

In May 2017, Jio had begun rolling out beta trials of the FTTH service at select locations in six cities — Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara.

Reports say Hathway has over 52 per cent share of the total cable broadband market in India with 0.77 million subscribers and the ability to reach 5.5 million homes. DEN has the ability to reach 0.97 million homes and has 106,000 broadband subscribers. 

Hathway Cable is owned by the Raheja Group while Sameer Manchanda owns DEN Networks. 



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ZEE5 India appoints Taranjeet Singh as CRO and Business Head - New Projects

Singh had quit social media platform Twitter last month where he served as the Country Director. At Zee5, he will report to CEO Tarun Katial.

Madhuwanti Saha 2 days ago


Twitter's Taranjeet Singh joins ZEE5 India, the streaming service of ZEEL as their new Chief Revenue Officer and Business Head – New Projects.

On the new appointment Tarun Katial, CEO, Zee5, said, “The consumption patterns of the Indian audience are rapidly evolving. Taranjeet’s extensive experience in the media sector across print, television and digital will hold us in good stead in the times to come. His robust track record and insights will go a long way in advancing ZEE5 India’s focus to achieve new milestones.”

Singh shares, “Engaging with the content consumer has been an exciting journey for me. The OTT space is definitely booming and working with a brand like ZEE5 from the ZEE Group, a media powerhouse, is indeed an honor. Within months of launch, the brand is already number two in the OTT space and I am looking forward to joining the team to take it to newer heights.”

Prior to this, Singh was with Twitter where he joined as Business Head and was responsible for boosting Twitter's presence in India. He was leading the charge for sales and marketing support for Twitter's advertisers. In 2017 he was elevated to the position of Country Director for Twitter India.

ZEE5 recorded a growth of 190 per cent compared to April ’18 with 41.3 mn monthly active users (MAU) as revealed by the company during their quarter results of Q2FY19.

Senior Correspondent, exchange4media, Mumbai Madhuwanti reports on marketing, OTT and radio with a focus on trends. Based in Mumbai, she has worked across lifestyle, culture, television and retail industry.


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